‘Use of Left Hand Not a Taboo’ – Actress Kiki Omeili Calls For Cultural Change

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The medical doctor turned film star insists the use of left hand is not a taboo and has tasked people to change their orientation as “ignorance isn’t culture.”

Actress Kiki Omeili has kicked against the culture that shames people who are left-handed by nature, likening it is to a subtle form of discrimination.

The movie star made this known Monday while reacting to a recent viral debate on social media centered around the morality of giving out things to people with left hand.

Kiki insisted in a Twitter thread on her page that there is nothing wrong with the act before going on to address those that have a problem with it.

Accordion to her, those who condemn the use of left hand because it is against cultural norm should see no wrong in the killing of twins as it was also dictated and presided by culture.

“If you say that using the left hand to give someone something is bad and our culture dictates that you must use your right hand, then you should also be okay with the killing of twins cos it was equally “culture”. Ignorance isn’t culture. Ignorant cultural beliefs can be unlearned,” the first of her tweets read.

Speaking further, Kiki tapped into her knowledge as a doctor to explain why people are inclined to use their left hand from birth and the challenges that come with it in a world where the vast majority are right-handed.

Kiki Omeili

She continued: “Only 11% of all the people in the world are left-handed. Left-handed people are right-brain dominant and right-handed people(the majority of people in the world ) are left-brain dominant. Bottom line, if a person is left-handed, it’s how they are wired.

“The world is generally designed for right-handed people so many people don’t understand the challenges that left-handed people face. Things like Scissors, tin cutters, even pencil sharpeners are designed for right-handed people.

“Think about it. If you’re right-handed, how would you feel if someone forced you to use your left hand to write and operate and you couldn’t function optimally? You’d be frustrated, right? That’s how left-handed people feel when you force them to use their right hand to do things.

“Let’s not hide ignorance under the blanket of “culture”. The same way people were educated to stop the killing of twins, we can be educated to stop castigating and shaming left-handed people. LEFT handedness is a function of the right side of your brain being dominant. #Nuff Said”

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