Vital services at your fingertips, NHS urges the use of NHS 111 online

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    NHS 111 online connects you with medical advice quickly, conveniently and with the same experts you can expect to reach through the telephone service.

    That’s the message being delivered by the NHS this year, with the service adding that you can get advice on self-care, and even receive a call back from a nurse, doctor or other trained health professional if needed.

    It’s available to everyone over the age of 5 and it can direct you to the most appropriate medical care for your needs in as little as 90 seconds, such as an urgent treatment centre, GP surgery or pharmacy.

    Dr Aziza Sesay is one NHS GP promoting the service…

    “I know from listening to my patients in my surgery that many people are worried about getting ill. If you are ill, deciding which support you might need, whether it be a GP appointment or over-the-counter medicine from a pharmacy, can be difficult. Using NHS 111 online first will ensure everyone who needs medical advice knows exactly what service is best for their symptoms.

    “So, if you think you need care fast, but it’s not life-threatening, visit 111 online first. By answering just a few questions, it can direct you to the best treatment for you.”

    New survey data showed that:

    • Almost 2 in 5 people (39%) didn’t know that NHS 111 online can assess and direct you to the right care in as little as 90 seconds. 
    • A third of people (33%) didn’t know NHS 111 online could direct you to A&E
    • More than half (57%) didn’t know that NHS 111 online could direct you to a pharmacist. 

    NHS 111 online is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Go to to get assessed and directed to:

    • the right healthcare in you area
    • a call back from a nurse, doctor or paramedic
    • advice on self-care

    Dr Sesay says, “Knowing that NHS expertise is accessible online hopefully brings reassurance to many people.”

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