Was Sammie Okposo Truly Sorry for Being Unfaithful To His Wife, or Was It Simply Because He Got Caught?

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    ‘I doubt if he was truly sorry.  Again, why did he delete the apology?

    On January 25, 2022, the Nigerian social media space was set aflame with news of Sammie Okposo cheating on his wife. The Gospel Singer was accused by a lady in the US of impregnating her, and as if that was not enough, he told her to get rid of the child

     The furiousness of the lady, identified as African Doll, was mainly bred by the fact that he told her to seek an abortion. She revealed all these in an interview with Obodo Oyinbo TV.

    The interview was filled with how they met each other, and their activities afterwards.

    In her lamentations while calling him out, she said this:

    “We both know that we didn’t use protection. We both know that we were wrong. There is still a way to handle things. He didn’t handle it right. I am not saying he has to bow to me but there is a way you do things. Turning your back on me is wrong. Any woman on earth won’t feel okay about it. It doesn’t feel good to be abandoned or to be thrown to the side. I cannot be walking around thinking about it, life goes on.”

    An exposed Sammie Okposo had to publicly apologize to his wife Ozioma, for bringing her such shame. He said he was sorry for his sins, and would also suspend himself from the ministry for now. 

    It was a funny display for some of us who understood that he was never sorry. You could say he was sorry by words of mouth – which is nothing these days – but not from his heart.

    He deleted the apology on 28 January, after which he decided to go offline.

    A truly sober man would leave that apology, at least for long. There was no need to yank it off his page.

    The lady claimed her acts with him weren’t once, and this goes a long way to show that he could be cheating on his wife with other ladies too. It’s possible we’re only aware of his nature because someone got offended. If he had not offended her, maybe he would have still been seen as the virtuous husband.

     It sounds ridiculous hearing him say he wants to take a break from the ministry. Why would he take a break now? What if he wasn’t exposed? 

    Why didn’t he take a break since? He ought to have given himself penance a long time ago, instead of saying he needs time to reconcile with his God.

    I have seen a man disrespect his wife so much that a certain woman he decided to cheat with, was the wife’s colleague at the office. He was such a terrible man, yet a well-respected member of his church.

    His poor moral standard was laid bare by a quarrel that had ensued between his wife and his mistress who was her colleague.

    The two women fought over an office issue, and you could imagine his wife hearing that her husband was sleeping with her enemy.

    What woman wouldn’t be heartbroken by this?

    He publicly apologized to her, and after forgiving him, he continued in his ways.

    Time will tell if Sammie Okposo will continue in his ways.

    Written by: Edward Amah

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