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Mercy Cynthia Ginikachukwu, professionally known as Ada Jesus, is a 23-year-old comedian and content creator popular on Facebook. She hails from Orlu, Imo State, and an alumnus of the great citadel of learning, Imo State University. Before delving into comedy, she previously worked as a housekeeper for a pilot who paid her 30 thousand Naira monthly. Interestingly, after discovering comedy and realising her talent could fetch her a better income, she went into comedy in 2018 and has been popular ever since.

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Her skits usually are in Igbo language, accounting for her large Igbo fanbase. The Imo-based comedian was notorious for making shocking accusations about popular Nigerian celebrities on Facebook and Instagram. Some of her victims include Prophet Odumeje, Nollywood actress Rita Edochie, and a herbalist known as Chi Marine. She had accused the herbalist of being fake and called out Odumeje for performing fake miracles in collaboration with Rita Edochie, who happens to be his ardent church member.

While some called it clout chasing at the time, the comedian insisted she was helping her fans with the truth. Sadly, this notorious behaviour of hers came back to haunt her. Coming shortly after her kidney problem deteriorated in February 2021, causing her to lose control of her both her upper and lower extremities as well as her speech, fans suspected it was more spiritual than physical and urged her to seek the forgiveness of people she had offended. After trying different means to get the forgiveness of Odumeje and Rita Edochie, her family finally took her to his church, where they vowed not to forgive her, promising that she will die of her ailment.

Ada Jesus, passed on at Zenith Hospital Abuja today, April 21. She suffered a cardiac arrest on Tuesday night, April 20 and was rushed to the ICU where the doctors monitored her. Sadly, she lost the battle to the kidney ailment she had been battling with on Wednesday, April 21 morning.

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