Who Is Oladips & Why Did He Fake His Own Death?

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    Some celebrities are falsely reported dead, and some celebrities stage their own death. The latter best describes upcoming Nigerian singer Oladips, who reportedly faked his death to promote his latest album.

    Shaking up the music industry as well as fans on November 15 2023, the rapper’s management team made a post on Instagram, announcing his sad passing at the young age of 28, revealing that he battled an undisclosed illness before giving up the ghost.

    Barely 48 hours later, amid condolences and tributes, the rapper management team released his album, expecting the same kind of traction and popularity the late Mohbad enjoyed after he passed in September of 2023.

    But like FalzTheBhad Guy once sang, “If you fake your death, you fit still no blow.” it looks like this could be the case with Oladips. In a matter of time, damning evidence that the young rapper faked his death began to surface on social media, and Oladips finally came out the admit that he is alive. What does this mean for his career going forward? How are Nigerians reacting?

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