Why Do You Criticize Her For Putting Her Career On Hold To Support Her Husband?

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In an attempt to score cheap points, some woke people on social media will ignore reading “in-between the lines” — they make unnecessary noise out of simple issues.

Williams Uchemba made an Instagram post on how grateful he is to have a wife who put her career on hold to support his. This attracted a lot of criticism from females on social media. 

Some are already of the opinion that her academics was a waste of time, while others decided to state that she probably didn’t like her career, amidst other funny speculations.

I will “put my career on hold” to support my wife’s career, if I feel my decision will bring more money for us. It doesn’t mean I have left/abandoned my career. It could only be for a period of time, and it doesn’t necessarily mean I dislike my career.

I wonder why some persons see it as an avenue to push one funny agenda or the other.  The husband of the current vice president of America, put his career on hold, to ensure that his wife made her way to the White House. He was a secret weapon in that campaign.

I saw posts from persons hailing him with the normal “premium man.”  Williams Uchemba’s wife decides to do the same, and instead of calling her “premium woman,” some persons turned into Robert Kiyosaki to deliver unsolicited motivational speeches.

Some are even calling her Medical Career a waste of education.

Even Chinasa or Ngozika that is still learning how to make kpof- kpof, could be among those shouting:

 “I will never leave my career to support my husband.”

Nne calm down, nobody left their career — you just don’t understand English. Complete your training on how to make your kpof-kpof first.

You hypocrites make simple things seem hard.

You guys should stop cracking me up, because I’ve just been laughing at all the comments saying “I will not abandon.”  Nothing was abandoned.

That I can put it on hold for my wife, doesn’t mean I’m wrong and you’re right. We simply have different values and understanding about marriage. Uchemba’s wife is not wrong in any way for deciding to put her career on hold.

You’re just the one who doesn’t understand how love works. When you’re truly in love, you become selfless and understand the need for certain compromises.

Written by: Edward Amah

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