Why is it hard for certain Nigerian ladies to accept the saying that “Obi Cubana started dating his Wife when he was living in one room with other guys”?

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In one of his recent interviews, the trending Anambra Billionaire – Obi Cubana – has made a shocking revelation which some Nigerian ladies have decided not to accept as true.

“I started dating my wife when I was living in one room with other guys,” he said in an interview.

This did not go well with certain Nigerian ladies, for some obvious reasons which are universally acknowledged.

“It is a big lie!” someone said on Facebook.

“Who we go ask?” another followed, supporting the first person.”

“No guy living in one room should ask me out sha, “another lady said, on twitter.

These types of statements kept presenting themselves on social media, and you could understand why.

A great number of Nigerian ladies have grown to frown at the idea of “dating a man with prospects.”

For these set of ladies – most of whose ideas I’ll blame on peer pressure – only understand ‘prospect’ to mean “when a man has much money,” or is “already established.”  Nothing else matters to them outside the perimeter of these definitions.

It is really sad.

Sometimes they’re blinded by these definitions, enough to make them enter into a relationship that’s boldly written “danger!”

They accept the “already made man” without setting standards for him, because he has made money. This afterwards, leads to future divorce cases, if they fall into the hands of the wrong “already made man”.

However; I understand that some Nigerian ladies are aware of the red flags, but will decide to lower their standards, hoping the person will change – sometimes they’re lucky, sometimes they’re not.

This is not to say that men who are not “already made” have no faults – every category of men will subject you to different faults, but the “already made” men are often lucky when these ladies decide to make decisions. The struggling young man is hardly considered.

I think it’s wrong for ladies to see Obi Cubana’s statement as false. Ladies who are doing this, probably fall into the category of people, who want nothing to do with young men who are yet to make it in life.

If there’s anything to learn from his interview, it is the fact that the young shall grow. 

Ladies ought to look beyond the present while making their choices. The young guy hanging around you could be the next affluent person tomorrow if you’re able to look inwards. 

If you have any reason for not ever considering people who aren’t rich, I think you should reconsider. However, you can state it for us to learn from you.

Written by: Edward Amah

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