Why Singer Flavour LOVE TRIANGLE with Anna Banner & Sandra Okagbue Is So Strong?

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Anna Ebiere Banner a 25-year-old model and actress rose to prominence in 2013 after winning the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) title and later represented Nigeria at the year’s Miss World Pageant. In the same year, Anna Banner served as the Special Assistant on Culture and Tourism to the then governor of Bayelsa State, Seriake Dickson. In 2014, she made her acting debut in the Wale Adenuga Production home series, Super Story.

Her beauty queen title opened many doors for her in the fashion, beauty, fitness industry which saw her snag several multi-million naira deals while gracing the covers of many fashion magazines, lifestyle blogs, and billboards across the country.

Dating History with Flavour

Just a year after Anna Banner won the 2013 MBGN title, she met with the famous singer, Chinedu Okoli, better known as Flavour N’abania. After the Nwa Baby singer featured the beauty queen in his music video ‘Golibe’, they moved forward by dating in 2014. Abandoning her thriving modelling career, Anna Banner was seen just about everywhere with Flavour. They went on several vacations to Ghana. She attended musical events with him, and in less than 6 months into the relationship. Anna Banner confessed that she was madly in love with Flavour. During this period, Flavour was also rumoured to be dating sensational singer, Chidinma and their romantically electrifying song ‘Ololufe’ got many people talking. But as expected, Anna Banner assured fans that Flavour had eyes for only her and she was the only woman in his life.

However, things began to fall apart between highlife singer and Anna Banner in 2015 when she became pregnant with Flavour’s child. They had a huge disagreement over Flavour’s attempt to hide the good news from the press, and Anna Banner could only wonder why. She would later find out that Flavour had been cheating on her all along with another woman in the person of Sandra Okagbue. To cap it all, She found out that Sandra Okagbue had given birth to Flavour’s first child in October 2014. It must have been an additional shocker when she found out Sandra Okagbue is an ex-beauty queen like herself who won the 2010 edition of the Miss Delta Soap Pageant and just as beautiful.

Just a few months after the press got wind of Anna Banner’s pregnancy, the real struggle to secure Flavour’s heart began. Nigerians and fans of Sandra Okagbue took to calling Anna Banner a husband snatcher. According to reports, Sandra Okagbue has been with Flavour longer than Anna Banner, especially since she gave birth to Flavours first child. According to dating law, she hit it first, and Anna Banner appeared to be the 3rd wheel in the relationship. During this period, she proved that she is the main chic and not the side chic. For a long time, Anna Banner was trolled, shamed, and trashed on social media. Her once made in a heaven love affair with Flavor left her heartbroken, betrayed, confused, frustrated, and alone with a pregnancy. She felt used and cunningly deceived by the hot singer.

Because of the pregnancy, Anna Banner dropped out of Middlesex University, UAE as she couldn’t cope with studying and being a mother at a young age of nineteen. Anna Banner’s parents were equally disappointed in her for throwing away her future plans and getting pregnant. They didn’t forgive her until the arrival of her baby girl on August 1, 2015.

Despite the shame and all that she was going through because of Flavour, it didn’t deter her from fighting for Flavour’s heart. The actress was spending an incredible amount of time with the handsome singer in hopes of taking things to the next level. On the other hand, Singer Flavour was reportedly having issues with his first baby mama, Sandra and Anna Banner became her instant replacement. Anna Banna invested so much time of her time. She was spotted at the lavish birthday celebration of Flavour’s father in Enugu with her daughter, Sophia Okoli, among several other occasions. Sadly, all these moves and dedication did not bag her the heart of the singer. Shockingly instead, Flavour impregnated his first baby mama, Sandra Okagbue for the second time and she gave birth to another baby girl in 2018.

During an interview with Urban Life in October of 2020, Anna Banner disclosed that she never intended to be Flavour’s baby mama. The beautiful model said that she just fell in love with the ‘Ashawo’ singer and got pregnant unexpectedly for him. Anna Banner further explained that she was already 4 weeks gone when she found out she was pregnant and was scared of abortion, so she kept the baby. On trying to hold Flavour down with a baby, Anna explained that she never tried to force marriage on Flavour with a pregnancy. But Nigerians strongly disagree with her.

Present Status Quo

Flavour has permanently severed ties with Anna Banner. He reportedly got married to Sandra Okagbue, his first baby mama in a private traditional wedding ceremony that took place at her parent’s home Onitsha, Anambra State. According to popular on-air-personality, Blossom Martins, Flavour, and Sandra Okagbue got married on August 3, 2020.

Counting her Losses

Fast forward to 2021, Anna Banner has revealed her truth and counted her losses. In her February 1, 2020, Instagram story post, she said she never knew what depression was until she experienced it. She lost her self-confidence, was ashamed of her body and some of the decisions she made. She explained for the 6 years after she became pregnant for Flavour, she has been frustrated and has only been pretending to be happy behind a smile. According to her, having a child at 20 for the man she loves while he was philandering about with other women made her suicidal many times.

Meanwhile, it appears Anna Banner is in a better place now. Her modelling career appears to have gained traction once again. In November of 2020, she finally bagged a bachelor’s degree in Rural Development and Ecotourism from Wisconsin International University College, Ghana. Anna Banner has also described her 5 years old daughter, Sophis Okoli as her most outstanding achievement so far, and she doesn’t regret keeping her baby. We bet you wonder about the status of her relationship with Flavour. Well, according to the beauty queen, they both have a good relationship, and he has been playing an active fatherly role in their daughter’s life.

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  1. Wishing you well Anna. Everyone including myself have made mistakes in life but we learn to survive and move on to our brighter future. God is watching over you and your beautiful and very intelligent little girl. Keep her safe as I know you will.


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