Why Tonto Dikeh’s Fans Attacked Her Ex-Husbands New Girlfriend? (Video)

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    Tonto Dikeh has made her mark in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry. Her army of fans fights on her behalf, without the queen of controversy moving a finger or saying a word. Her famous ex-husband Olakunkle Churchill celebrated his birthday on December 28.


    His latest Nollywood girlfriend Rosy Meurer who was making sure the man had a good time was attacked on social media by King Tonto Lovers for sharing photos of him on her page that suggest they’re now together. Tonto Dikeh didn’t get involved because she has bigger things to worry about.

    If you have been following Tonto Dikeh’s story, you will recall the actress travelled to Dubai on November 13th, ahead of One Africa Music Fest? The actress was allegedly arrested following her fight with a white bouncer in a club, she called the N-word. Her BFF Bobrisky whom she travelled with, is already back in Nigeria, and Tonto Dikeh ended up spending Christmas in Dubai, sadly, without her son and also, missed so many planned activities in Nigeria.

    So after Nollywood actress, Rosy Meurer shared several photos of the Birthday boy, Tonto Dikeh’s fan wouldn’t have it and considered her show off on social media as inappropriate and called her out for being the reason why Tonto Dikeh’s Marriage collapsed. They say the internet never forgets. When Tonto Dikeh’s marriage crashed a couple of years ago, fingers pointed at Rosy Meurer as part of the problem why the couple marriage crashed.

    A fan called her out on social media saying the was flirting with Tonto Dikeh’s husband in a club, while Tonto Dikeh was at home nursing a baby. Rosy debunked the rumours saying that she is just friends with Churchill and he is like a brother to her, and flirting with him will be like flirting with her brother.

    After Tonto Dikeh’s marriage dissolved, they both moved on as we know with a bagged of drama and fight over the custody of their son King Andre, whom Tonto changed his surname to her father’s name. Churchill moved on and after a while began to show off a Caucasian woman as his new partner on social media, This, of course, reduced the rumour and attack on actress Rosy. But the trolling resurrected after the actress surprising started celebrating Churchill on his Birthday, sharing pictures of him her page, captioned with suggestive loving words. The actress dedicated her Instagram account to celebrate Churchill on his Birthday, releasing photos and videos on Instagram throughout the day.

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