Will P-Square still be relevant in the industry after starving their fans over the years?

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In their emotional comeback concert, which happened on Christmas day at the Eko Convention Centre, the dynamic afro-pop duo went on their knees to apologize to their fans. It was their first music concert after their reunion.

They understood that the Psquare Reactivated Concert won’t be complete, without expressing their regrets of having starved fans of their melodies over the years.

“We apologize for breaking up, deep apologies to our fans all over the world.”

“I want everyone around the world to know that we are asking for forgiveness.” 

Those were their words, and of course, it was necessary.

But the problem is no longer about the apology. A broad spectrum of music enthusiasts is of the opinion, that the relevance of the “do me” crooners, is a thing of the past – that their magic won’t be felt any longer. The belief that the uniqueness of the two brothers will no longer be effective, is seen in several comments across the media.

Of all the posts I’ve seen, a Facebook user, by the name of Charles Kay Anyabuike, had this to say:

“When the news of their reunion broke out, and I opined that it would not be business as usual, some oversabi people said they would take over the world… but what do they know about showbiz. It’s a brutal and unforgiving business…”

Mr Charles had a stint as an actor and producer in the movie industry during the 90s, and has reasonable experience in the showbiz industry.

Attached are other important angles from facebookers

The afro-pop duo seems to have loyal fans who have clamoured for their return, even though they’ve lost a great number of their fans to their quarrels. Seeing the metamorphosis of the industry, the brothers have two daunting tasks that will affect the success of their return:

  1. Getting back the love of their fans, especially those who have given up on them, and are no longer interested in their return.
  2. Putting out good music with reference to the current music culture.

The latter is very important, and they could always infuse the P-Square style somewhere in the culture, to stand out.  For a start, it should give them more relevance in the news. I doubt if the entertainment agencies will bother much about them if their releases appear in the nature of their earlier hits – they need to move at the pace the industry is moving. Getting it right will naturally help them deliver the first task, without stress.

Being in strong contention with the likes of Wizkid, Davido, Burna Boy, and the rest of the other big names, isn’t about having “past glories.” The brothers could end up being veteran artistes whom we’ll get to see as “they released a song,” without actually feeling the bang in it.

And if Nigerians do not “catch the feel” in their first few releases, they would be termed failures.  The Nigerian audience has no patience. And if that happens, they would gradually fade into oblivion.

P-Square should take their time in the songwriting and production of whatever single they’re planning to release – their success and continuous relevance depend on it.

Two Facebook users seem to have same opinions which help in summarizing my points. One of them, by the name of Grace Okpo, had this to say:

“Someone commented on a blog post about this their apology. He called it ‘sapasowapo’, and I kinda agree with him. They should utilize the little goodwill they still enjoy and make good music or forget it completely!”

Lilian Chizoba also had this to say: 

 “Nothing more to add to what you have said. They got their twisted kicks from fans begging them not to split every year. We have better acts now. They need to go back to the studio and work twice as hard to get back in the game.”

Written by: Edward Amah

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