“You Became What You Criticised” – Twitter Community Comes for Linda Ikeji

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Nigerians have no chill! popular blogger Linda Ikeji shared the pictures of her son for the first time and also used the opportunity to address the broken relationship with the father of her child. Despite the media mogul’s emotional story, the Twitter community refused to reason with her.

The 38-year-old over the years allegedly said she would never have a child out of wedlock and always strongly advocated for the ring before the baby, she became a role model to young African girls.

“Sometimes people just come to serve a purpose in your life and are not meant to stay and there’s no point holding on to them. This one is done and dusted. It’s just Jayce and I now moving forward and I know life will be beautiful for us”. She recently revealed on her blog about addressing the relationship that produced her son.

Linda who believes everything was Gods doing, from meeting the father of her son to getting pregnant is single and according to her, the chapter with her baby daddy is over.

Below is what Nigerians on Twitter has to say about her story


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