“You Should Be Arrested For This” Fan Chastises Yul Edochie For His “Poor” Impersonating Of Peter Obi In A New Movie

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Nollywood actor and producer, Yul Edochie has faced Criticism for impersonating Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi.

Yul announced on Instagram the release of his new film, “Peter Obi” in honour of the Labour Party presidential candidate.

The Polygamous actor urged his fans to watch the movie, claiming they would love it.

Teasers of the movie is currently making rounds on the internet and this has left social media users divided. While some applauded him for creating more awareness on why Nigerians should vote for him, others slammed him for his poor imitation of the president.


One Aima Satoru wrote, “Yul should be arrested for this, what type of voice is this?

Concurring with Aima, Omolarbake wrote, “Them suppose arrest @yuledochie cause what type of useless voice is this. Just they play u hear

One Haidar wrote, “Make una dey play. Politics and comedy na two different things….weak strategy

One planet images studios wrote, “So u see this as good PR Abi bad PR now I know how Nigerians think ooo. Many blunt dead brain they this count ooo. This is a bad PR against whatever Obi has lied to una mumu say he stood for ooo

Expressing concern, one Abose Wuese wrote, “I hope they spoke to him first before doing this. They should have given Kunle or Kemi to do a proper documentary or biography movie

One Dee Tchyna wrote, “This is not even right at all. It’s a mockery of his voice and an attempt to ridicule the way he speaks. They portrayed his wife as someone that nags and that’s not true. Portrayed him as stingy meanwhile he’s only frugal. This is not funny

One Tiana wrote, “This act is ABSOLUTELY NOT FUNNY. I don’t find it entertaining. Honestly it’s an insult to Peter Obi and acting a private life of him that you don’t know about. But everything should be filmed!!!”.

“Peter Obi is not a womanizer” Netizens slams Yul Edochie

It was earlier reported that Popular Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has once again found himself in ‘drags’ as netizens criticize his new film.

According to Africanglitz news, Yul Edochie shared a post on Instagram notifying his fans of his latest movie, “

As per the norms, netizens dragged Yul Edochie over his second marriage with actress Judy Austin.

A user identified as Yvonne Godwin mocked Yul Edochie’s political career, claiming Peter Obi is not a womanizer.

He wrote: “As Judy no let you pursue your political career you just conclude to pursue the presidency inside movie. Anyway Na Way 😂 but Na atiku you for be oh. Peter obi no be womanizer 😂Na atiku Dey married still follow Genevieve 🤷‍♀️ 🏃‍♀️”

One Chioma mocked the actor’s polygamous relationship“And I know it’s only yul 😂😂😂that will kill this role😂😂😂the president of polygamous Association of Nigeria”

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