“Your Career Is Far From Over” Jordan Peele, Olivia Wilde, JK Rowling & More Supports John Boyega!

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Award filmmaker Jordan Peele has assured actor John Boyega that his career is far from over following his speech at a Black Lives Matter protest in Hyde Park London on Wednesday, June 3rd.

In Boyega’s viral speech, the British-Nigerian actor, age 28, told the crowd at London’s Hyde Park that he doesn’t know if he is going to have a career after speaking out, but he is going to speak out anyway.

This comes after the death of Georgy Floyd and the racism in America.

Boyega’s passionate speech went viral and was shared several times on social media. The passionate video drew supports from several people including celebrities who extended their support.

Celebs such as Matthew A Cherry, Olivia Wilde, JK Rowling, and Jordan Peele praised and assured John Boyega that his career is far from over following his passionate speech.

Retweeting pictures of Boyega at the protest, filmmaker Peele wrote: “We got you, John.” Other also followed.


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