Yvonne Nelson DISCLOSE Number Of Men She Dated, ENGAGEMENT & SHOCKING Experience With Nigerian Men

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In January 2019, beautiful Ghanaian actress Yvonne made it clear to fans that Nigerian men have shown her ‘Premium Shege’. While appearing on ‘Cooks and Braggarts’, a cooking show hosted by her colleague, Yvonne Okoro, the Princess Tyra star said she is open to dating again, but as for Nigerian men, she’s done. At the time, fans didn’t understand why the beautiful actress wanted to cancel Nigerian men until some shocking revelations in her book.

Regarding matters of the heart, the Ghanaian screen diva has been unlucky in love. In her memoir, “I’m not Yvonne Nelson, ‘ the 37-year-old movie star revealed that her name has opened many financial doors for her, and her fame and even beauty has attracted men of various status and nationalities. But no matter what she does, how much she loves or even how she presents herself, these men always leave her heartbroken. Detailing her life journey and relationship with men, the House of Gold star actress said Nigerian men were the absolute worst of all the men she has met. In her book, the successful entrepreneur said Nigeria exposed her to its powerful men in politics, chieftaincy and the church, many of whom just wanted to get between legs.

Yvonne details how a powerful Nigerian Politician once asked to see her, only to realise later in the hotel room that she was being pimped. When the movie producer refused to cooperate, he gave her friend 1 million Naira as transport fare, from which she got half. But that was the tip of the iceberg. On one occasion, a friend told the talented actress about a traditional Nigerian ruler who wanted to support the Yvonne Nelson Glaucoma Foundation. When Yvonne finally arrived, she realised again that she was being pimped as she refused to cooperate; she got 5 thousand dollars as compensation for travelling to see the king. Again, a powerful, charismatic preacher tried to buy the actress’s body. Yvonne says he eventually gave up, and she never heard from him again until she started reading sexual assault accusations against him. We wonder who this pastor is.

But beyond all these epic stories, Yvonne Nelson has enjoyed a flattering love life over the years, had been engaged before, madly in love, and has dated entertainers, Ghanaian men, foreigners and even Nigerian men. But it all crashed like badly stacked cards because, according to the actress, it is a man’s world. Is it really a man’s world? Or does the actress go for the wrong men? Without wasting any more time, let’s look at all the men Yvonne Nelson said she has been romantically involved with and her experience with Nigerian men.

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