Zitases Foundation Charity Incorporated Organization (CIO) First Charity Fundraising Event Was A Success!

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The first edition of Zitases Foundation Charity Incorporated Organization (CIO) event took place in London on Friday, February 28th 2020. The charity event which also raised funds for Breast Cancer Now had renowned UK based singer Carol Jiani, Pastor Favour and many other amazing women in attendance.

Organised by Linda Zita Ifeoma Imo, the evening kicked off with prayers, nibbles and drinks. Amazing life music by UK based Nigerian recording artist, Carol Jiani who also gave a heartwarming speech on a rare form of cancer tumour. Beverley Adolphus, who is one of the youngest members of the Charity trustees and also the daughter of Linda Zita Ifeoma Imo, the charity founder read a wonderful writeup about Cancer illnesses, treatment and awareness to the audience. Raffle tickets were sold to raise money and most ladies went home with interesting presents. All these activities were just the least of the wonderful activities that took place at the event.

The charity event which held at Legacy restaurant and bar in Camberwell was truly a great evening of networking and socialising.

Zitases Foundation Charity Incorporated Organization (CIO) is a Non Profit organization which is committed to bringing positive impact on peoples lives in the UK and Nigeria and to extended African countries in general. The Foundation Support aims are to bridge the gap with inclusive opportunities and activities and is set to address the basic needs of the disadvantaged in our community and society. “We aim to impact as many lives as we can and as further away as we can get. There is no limit with our humanitarian work and our collaboration with other organizations with similar aim and objectives as the Zitases Support Need Foundation” Said founder, Linda Zita Ifeoma Imo.

Linda Zita Ifeoma Imo – Zitases Foundation Charity Incorporated Organization (CIO) founder

The charity founder, Linda Zita Ifeoma Imo acknowledged some of the attendees in a vote of thanks and wrote.

“To the beautiful Diva and an international musical gem, a great influencer, a motivator and very friendly and helpful friend. Thank you so much for your inputs and suggestions, you are truly valuable”.

Carol Jiani – UK Based Nigerian Recording Artist

“Thank you to Victoria, my beautiful friend, for your support, your services during the event and for your kindness in ensuring that things went well. God bless you”.

“To the amazing Pastor Favour, a beautiful heart so full of love and giving. Thanks for your prayers, officiating the event and ensuring that everything and everyone was in tuned and well organized. Your office for the event was truly amazing and very much appreciated. Thanks for the support and encouragement received”.

“To my lovely little sister, Noellin Imoh-Griffith who is also the editor and owner of African Glitz Magazines. Thanks for covering the event. And to Beverly, my daughter, thank you for the beautiful speech on Cancer illnesses, treatment and awareness which you delivered to the wonderful audience. God bless you all”.

Zitases Foundation Charity Incorporated Organization (CIO) also thanked the owner of the event venue for all the hospitality and ambience atmosphere which made the event very colourful and enchanting. “God bless you for all that you do”, she added.




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