ZSN Foundation CIO & Breast Cancer Now Fundraising Event Takes Place Feb 28th – Save The Date!

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Zitases Foundation CIO are hosting a Dinner Gala Charity event on Friday, February 28th, 2020 in London. The aim of the event is to raise funds for breast cancer now UK for the continuous research work aimed at cancer treatment and how it can be reduced. The funds raised will also go toward care for Brest cancer individuals.

Zitases Foundation Charity Incorporated Organization (CIO) is a Non Profit organization which is committed to bringing positive impact on peoples lives in the UK and Nigeria. The Foundation Support aims are to bridge the gap with inclusive opportunities and activities and is set to address the basic needs of the disadvantaged individuals in our community.
Zitases Foundation Charity Incorporated Organization (CIO) mission & visions are mainly channelled towards the less privileged and disadvantaged. They are united with other like organisations to save the world from the impact of adverse poverty, sicknesses, diseases, disability needs and the lack of basic human amenities and necessities.
There is a strong need to educate and raise more awareness about their various health issues in a more profound manner. ZFCIO aims to kill associated assumptions about disability and illnesses in our societies.
The Foundation is a channel of support through direct contact, networking, collaboration and for all kinds of disability issues, by promoting equality and diversity. The foundation is focused and want to make sure every child or person born with severe disability or illness will not be discriminated upon or suffer any form of social exclusion and neglect by a person, family and society.
Come and find out more about Zitases Foundation Charity Incorporated Organization CIO on the 28th of February. Mingle, network and socialize with individuals with similar interests.


Fri, 28 Feb, 16:00


Legacy Restaurant and Bar, 53 Camberwell Road, Walworth, London, SE5 0EZ


4 pm – 10pm

Registration is FREE

For more details visit
Instagram page: @zsn.foundation
Facebook page: Zitases Support Need Foundation
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