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The African music entertainment industry is filled with secrets the the viewing public could often kill to know. This is why fans are so excited when they find that rare celebrity that is willing to spill some secrets and tragic details fans don’t know exist. Cynthia Morgan, once a famous Nigerian talented Raggae dancehall artist, disappeared from the music scene late 2018. After breaking away from her former record label ‘Northside Records’, Manager, Jude Okoye and her then manager Joy Tongo. She changed her name and looks and began managing herself under the name Madrina.

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However in late 2018, she disapeard from the lime light and no one heard from her for a long time. In April of 2020, she resurfaced and gave some shocking interviews revealing her sadness, struggled and her state of mind after walking away from her former manager and record label.  THE CONTRACT: She signed a contract she didn’t know the implications of what will happen if she decides to go away at the wrong time.

According to her, when she wasn’t happy anymore, she suggesting to be on her own or come to an understanding with her record label, but they told her she needs to sign a whole new contract, while her three years contract which was supposed to end in 2018 was still running. The new contract didn’t look right for her and wasn’t in her favour, so instead of fighting with the label, she decided to walk away because she at that point was mentally drained.

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