4 Countries offering Post Study Work Visas to International Students

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Vlogger, Phrankleenwho says it like it is researched and listed out four countries offering Post Study Work Visas to (Nigerians) International Students. In the video, he talks about each country and how the process work.

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AUSTRALIA: Graduate Work Stream allows International Students with certain qualifications and skills to stay in Australia for up to 18 months Post Study Work Stream: allows International Students with advanced qualifications (Ph.D) and skills can stay in Australia for up to 4 years regardless of the field of study in Australia. Few job categories have been scrapped from the list of eligibility. Check the list before deciding on what to study, there are Prospects for Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Agricultural Science, Biomedical Engineering etc (check the list)

USA: The internal Student Market earns the US government more than $35 Billion Dollars Annually. This is a big market that pulls in a major revenue for the Country. OPT (Optional Practical Training Programmes) allows International Students with F1-Visas to stay and work in the US for up to 12 months after their study. Up to 29 Months for (STEM) Graduates. STEM – (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) The OPT start start should be 60 days from Graduating and you need to be employed within 90 days of the OPT start day or your OPT will be cancelled. Check up on latest USA Immigration rules in order to be aware of recent changes by the Trump Administration.

CANADA: They offer Post-Study Work Scheme for a maximum period of 3 years. The work experience gained will allow you as an international student to qualify for Permanent Residency in Canada via Express Entry Programme. Check the immigration rules. Republic of

IRLAND: Ireland offers 12 months of Post Study Work Visa for all international students finishing a Bachelors degree in Ireland. Postgraduate students are allowed to stay for 24 months

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