“Abramovich Could Be Used As A “go-between” During Peace Talks With Russia” – Real Reason Abramovich Hasn’t Been Sanctioned By The US

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Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich, that has been embattled has not been sanctioned by the US, is simply following a request from Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky.

Zelensky asked US president, Joe Biden, to decline sanctioning Abramovich, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The 55-year-old  Russian billionaire, the owner of chelsea football club has already been sanctioned by the UK government and EU due to his links with Russia president Vladimir Putin.

It is believed America had drafted a set of sanctions for Abramovich ,but a phone call between Zelensky and Biden has put a halt to those plans.

Zelensky reportedly asked Biden to hold off, as Abramovich could be used as a “go-between” during peace talks with Russia.  An American investment bank, the Raine Group, have been tasked with closing a deal to sell Chelsea.

The two frontrunners to buy Chelsea are the Todd Boehly consortium and Sir Martin Broughton’s consortium.

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