“A Lot Of People Thought We Were Having Sex” – Denrele Makes Something Clear On Relationship With Goldie

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Well-known television host and media personality, Adenrele Oluwafemi Edun also known as Denrele Edun have opened up somewhat like a latent and controversial fact.

He said this is the first time people are talking about the late Nigerian singer, Goldie while responding to critics.

He further noted his words were misconstrued in a viral video snippet where he said he had ‘intimate moments’ with the late singer he knew was married.

He added that his use of the word ‘intimacy’ in the interview did not mean sex.

This is coming after Denrele revealed in a recent interview that went viral on Instagram that he had shared some ‘intimate moments’ with the late singer and this statement earned him a lot of backlashes.

In the viral interview, Denrele said,

“A lot of people thought we were friends.

We had a few intimate moments.

I knew she was married of course. We kept that a secret.

We had a few.. (entered the corner).”

This statement did not sit well with many as they took to their various social media accounts to air their opinion.

For instance, Denrele and Goldie have been trending on the Nigerian Twitter space ever since the snippet of his recent interview went viral.  

In response to the backlash, the media personality took to his official Instagram page and stated that if Goldie were alive, they would have a good laugh over people’s reaction to his utterance.

He said,

“INTIMACY has been misconstrued! Why does everyone think INTIMACY connotes SEX? What a Horny Frequency! Either way, INTIMACY in this context means ‘Shared Secrets’ and ‘One Corner’ denotes ‘even catching me with someone in the Corner’.

“Igboro” na Street.

We don enter TRENCHES severally! Oh well, this is the FIRST time in Years that people are talking about the LATE GOLDIE DAMN, WE WOULD HAVE HAD A GOOD LAUGH ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!!!! Signed: MISMANAGEMENT.”(sic)

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