“Address Me As A Woman Because We All Girls Collect The Same Way” Bobrisky Declares

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Popular crossdresser Idris Okuneye, better known as Bobrisky, has sent a message to Nigerians as he finally acquires female genitalia.

The crossdresser, in a now-deleted post on his Instagram page, told Nigerians to start addressing him as a woman as he has finally gotten female genitalia.

He stated that he had taken off his manhood before his boob surgery. As such, he wants to be fully addressed as a woman from now on, as he is now a lady collecting pricks from men.

“Let me officially break d news. I now have a v… Have taken off the other even before my boobs surgery. So address me as a woman cos we all girls collect prick d same way”.

Some weeks back, Bobrisky slammed those questioning him over his gender, telling them to stop looking at his manhood, wondering if he had cut them, as he explained that being a woman is beyond what it is between one’s legs.

He noted how people, both offline and online, always question if he has had surgery on his manhood, which he admitted always bothered him, but after many years, he developed a thick skin and didn’t care. He added that he had chosen his truth, and if anyone doesn’t like it, then they should suck it.

Months ago, Bobrisky shut down the internet as he flaunted his new boobs online.

The former best friend of Tonto Dikeh, who underwent boob enlargement, took to his Instagram page to share sultry photos, where he was captured sitting pretty in a black dress as he flaunted his new boobs.

It is no longer news that Bobrisky has undergone breast enlargement surgery. The crossdresser, via his Instagram page, flaunted his new look as he showed off his new breast with an interesting caption. Bobrisky questioned if anyone had seen standing boobs before.

Admitting to feeling pain, he stated that his doctors had given him his body proportions.

His surgery didn’t come as a surprise, as Bobrisky had earlier announced his plans for a second cosmetic surgery, stating that he desired to become the most beautiful woman in Nigeria.

The controversial figure went on to emphasize that the beauty people perceive online might not truly reflect reality. When people meet him in person, they are often left in awe by his stunning looks and enviable figure.


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