Award Winning Nollywood Movie Maker Lonzo Nzekwe Releases Trailer for his latest Movie, ‘Meet The Parents!

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Lonzo Nzekwe Meet The Parents Movie

Lonzo Nzekwe is an independent award-winning filmmaker and director who is known for  his first time popular emotional movie ‘Anchor Baby‘, staring Omoni Oboli and Sam Sarpong. The movie maker is back again, this time with, ‘Meet The Parents.’

Meet The Parents is written, directed and produced by Lonzo Nzekwe. It’s a gritty crime drama. The child abandonment theme was inspired by the song, Meet The Parents by Jay Z in the Blueprint 2 hip hop album. However, the mini-feature film contains various twists and turns that will leave viewers in absolute shock at the end. Any hard core rap fan of Jay Z can relate to this video.

Fifteen years after a young man disowns his infant son, fate brings father and son together in a deadly street fight that’ll alter their lives forever.

Church Chizzle
Nikole Gabriel
Justice Emeni
Tanika Hillocks

DOP: Ricardo Diaz

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