#BBNaija Who Is White Money & Why Is He Popular?

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Unless you live under a rock, you must know White Money, the number 1 BBNaija Shine Ya Eyes housemates causing a lot of buzz on social media. White Money first gained the attention of Nigerians the moment he climbed the stage to be introduced to viewers as the show premiered on July 24 of 2021. He brought a swag and vibe with him that hit so differently, easily setting him apart from the other 21 housemates. Aside from walking in like a king, he came repping his culture, dressed in the Igbo traditional attire and even speaking Igbo on two different occasions with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, the show’s host.

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Since making his way into Biggie’s house, White Money’s unrivalled vibe has now gone into overdrive. The 29-year-old entrepreneur who promised to have fun while entertaining viewers for the 72days the show will run has been giving viewers only premium entertaining content and has become why both the young and old will be watching the show till the end. Bringing a different twist, White Money’s many talents and humble beginning story have also gotten many fascinated, earning him one of the largest fan bases, WhiteMoneygeng.

Due to this, many BBNaija fans have now begun to bet their money on White Money as the Shine Ya Eyes Housemate who will emerge the winner of the Season 6 show. And this begs the question? Who is White Money? What is his humble beginning story? Can he emerge as the winner of the Shine Ya Eyes edition of the Big Brother Naija show? 

BBNaija Shine Ya Eyes housemate Hazel Oyeze Onou, better known as White Money, is a 29-year-old entrepreneur hailing from Enugu State. He was born on July 6 1992, to his parents in Enugu State, where he was raised among his siblings. Sadly, he wasn’t born with a silver spoon, which made his journey through life a tad difficult, especially with his father’s absence. You all know that saying, if you were born in Nigeria, life is leading you 1–0, and if your parents don’t have money, life is leading you 2–0. Yes, this was the reality of WhiteMoney whose life was leading by 2–0 and soon became 3–0 after his mother was forced to relocate to the City of Lagos in search of greener pastures.

In the beginning, the pastures were not so green, and his mother was forced to hustle hard. She began selling food to care for him and his siblings. As time went on, WhiteMoney joined in hustling. He did many menial jobs to make ends meet, from opening a mama put to bathing, fixing generators, riding okada, and once ran a music studio. He was also once a barber and photographer, all because of husting. 

Due to his diligence and hard work, White Money later found his big break in the shoe importation business, causing him to expand it into a designer shoe importation business. Today, he is the proud CEO of White Collections and quite rich. He said that this business is his biggest achievement in life as it brought a tremendous turnaround in his life. Celebrating himself on father’s days for thriving despite having no father, He wrote, “Happy Father’s day to me. I’ve been my father for as long as I can recall. No, be beans. Am grateful to God.”

The 29-year-old is also a music producer and upcoming artist. His debut track, Rosemary, has gained publicity since he entered Biggie’s house. White Money also plans to launch his personal shoe brand and take his business to the next level. If you have ever wondered why his nickname is White Money, the jolly housemate revealed that it is because he is a legitimate hustler and his money is clean.

It’s no longer news that White Money is one the most popular BBNaija Shine Ya Eyes housemates. Unlike other housemates who got the attention of Nigerians with their good looks and career portfolio, WhiteMoney gained the attention of Nigerians for bringing in a whole new level of entertainment and vibe. He is such a natural, many say. Following his unveiling, as the show premiered, White Money instantly became the internet sensation as fans began to liken him to Igbo hustlers and using him for memes. He had all the right expressions and body language. Of course, this is because he came in, repping the Igbo culture in a way that has never been seen before.

Rather than form accents, he started dishing a sweet mix of pidgin and Igbo while rocking his native wear. Over this, he became at the top of all social media and google trends, and since he settled into Biggie’s house, he has proven that he was worth all that buzz. 

As a good cook who doesn’t mind cooking for his fellow housemates and serving them, WhiteMoney managed to win the heart of many who fell in love with his down-to-earth personality. That’s not all. He is also very good at building relationships and remains the first Shine Ya Eyes housemate to give BBNaija fans a ship. Yes, Maria, the most beautiful female housemate, has become close friends of WhiteMoney. While she calls him Mazi Okoro for being a good cook, he fondly calls her Mami Water. Right now, BBNaija fans cannot be more excited as they debate on which name to name their ship or decide if it will lead to a bromance or romance for their fave who came into Biggie’s house single and dangerously searching.

From all of these indices, fans have begun calling WhiteMoney the content of the show. Although debatable, it is beginning to look like he has become the favourite of BBNaija fans and has the largest fan base, the WhiteMoneygeng. Celebrities such as Omashola have also begun to bet their money on him to become the winner of the 90 million Naira grand prize. Trend analysts have also ranked him as the third most talked-about housemate, but his fans disagree. They insist that he is the numero uno.

Can he win BBNaija?

Without a doubt, White Money has all the qualities of a star. This is because he knows how to stand put. With his swag and vibes, he boasts of one of the largest fan bases and remains one of the most talked-about housemates. His humble beginning has also gained him more popularity which many believe would fetch him massive pity votes like Laycon of last season. His fans, however, worry that his fellow housemates may view him as a threat and eventually nominate him for an eviction they have no control over.

And he has amazing cooking skills that made many fall in love with him. Some social media users have begun commenting that it could be his downfall. According to them, the kitchen ruined several housemates’ games in the previous season, and it will likely ruin White Money’s chance of securing the 90 million Naira grand prize if he doesn’t limit his stay in the kitchen. One of the comments reads, “I don’t hate White Money, but a man who is always in the kitchen is greediness not about husband material, it’s too much.”

Rather than buy into these negative comments, his fans seized the opportunity to praise and declare him the winner.

So, tell us, do you think White Money brought a whole new level of swag, vibe, and entertainment into the BBNaija show? 

What do you think will become of his relationship with Maria, Bromance or Romance? 

Do you agree he is a man of many talents? 

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