How Abba Kyari Became A Billionaire From Courting Fraudsters & Dirty Deals

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    After boasting that those celebrating his indictment after the Hushpuppi 1.1 million dollars fraud case will be disappointed, it looks like the Nigerian Police Force has taken super-cop Abba Kyari to the cleaners. Not only did the force suspend him as a Deputy Commissioner of Police, but they have also sacked him as head of the force Intelligence Response Team and replaced him with a rival, DCP Tunji Disu. But be rest assured that this is not the icing of the cake? It looks like Kyari is in a bigger soup as more shameful details have come to light of how he became not just a multi-millionaire but a billionaire who is silently dragging place with Dangote from dirty police deals and courting high-profile Yahoo boys.

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