“Before We Can Conduct DNA On Liam, We Have To Conduct DNA On Mohbad & His Father” Wunmi’s Sister Claims Mohbad Transmits Infections To His Wife 

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Karimot, the elder sister of Omowunmi, the wife of the late singer Mohbad, has blasted his father over his calls for DNA.

Recall that following the singer’s death, many have been clamoring for a DNA test to be done on Liam, his son, to ascertain his paternity. Even Mohbad’s father had called for DNA to be done on his son.

Reacting to it, Karimot blasted the clergyman for alleging that her sister was always sleeping around when the late singer was alive.

She claimed that Mohbad was constantly infecting Wunmi with sexually transmitted diseases, which she always treated with antibiotics.

Slamming Nigerians clamoring for DNA tests, she noted how many of them are in marriages where their spouse is giving them STDs.

Karimot vowed that should anything happen to her sister and her son, she would involve the US government.

Elsewhere in the video, she also told Mohbad’s father that for them to conduct a DNA test on Liam, they have to first conduct DNA on him and his father to be sure of their paternity.

“Jossy, you said Wunmi was f**king around but your son Mohbad was constantly inf£cting Wunmi with s£xually transmitted diseases and she’s always treating the infection with antibiotics…All of you clamoring for DNA are treating STDs in your marriages, it won’t be well with all of you”.

Before we can conduct DNA on Liam and Mohbad, we have to conduct DNA on Mohbad and his father, Joseph Aloba to be sure of his paternity. If we get a positive result then we can now proceed to get a DNA on Liam and Mohbad. Jossy, If them born you and your generation well don’t collect court orders.

They are watching all of you, that is the power of being a US citizen. They are very aware of Mohbad’s case, and they are so sad that such a thing is happening to Mohbad’s widow. You know how the US operates, they are watching”.

In a previous video, Karimot dragged his father for overlooking his son’s graveyards.

She called out the hypocrisy of how he was crying that people were picking sand from his son’s graveyard, yet he was comfortable leaving the graveyard open.

Karimot stated that Mohbad was frustrated in his lifetime, and now they will use the sand on his graveside for fetish purposes.

Days ago, Omowunmi raised eyebrows as she made it known that she wouldn’t be doing a DNA test for her son.

Giving reasons, Omowunmi made it known that no one has the right to tell her to do it, as she added that her son would never fall victim like his dad.

Similarly, actress Charity Nnaji addressed Nigerian men, telling them that their wives are suspects if they support Mohbad’s wife.

She questioned why Mohbad’s wife would love to go through that kind of pressure without wanting to clear her conscience and free herself from public disgrace.

Showing support for Mohbad’s wife, actress Ifemeludike advised her not to be intimidated and to speak up and stand her ground. Ifemeludike told her not to do DNA tests for anybody and to raise her son.

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