“Your Connection Go Finish” Bobrisky’s Nemesis VeryDarkMan Reacts To Bobrisky’s EFCC Arrest 

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The news of Bobrisky’s arrest by the EFCC reached Very Dark Man, who wasted no time in giving his two cents about the situation.

In a well-detailed video, Very Dark Man started by addressing the owner of the estate where Bobrisky stays and was arrested.

He warned him not to get involved in Bobrisky’s issue with the EFCC, stating that a friend of his enemy is his enemy, meaning that if he supports Bobrisky, he would automatically become his enemy.


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Very Dark Man insinuated in his video that he was the one who instigated Bobrisky’s arrest when he said that this is just the beginning and that he would write a petition against Bobrisky on the basis that he suspects him of money laundering.

During the course of the video, Very Dark Man also said that any prominent man who makes any call to the EFCC soliciting Bobrisky’s release is sleeping with him.

This resonates perfectly with the statement he made some time ago that Bobrisky was sleeping with lawmakers.

Filmmaker Eniola Ajao also caught a stray bullet from Very Dark Man when he dragged her for awarding Bobrisky the category of Best Dressed Female at her movie premiere.

He also insinuated that she was pretentious when he said that she came out to apologize when awarding Bobrisky backfired.

Very Dark Man went ahead to prove his point by saying that after Eniola Ajao apologized for awarding Bobrisky as the Best Dressed Female, she still brought him out for publicity for her movie.

To further buttress his point on why Bobrisky has been roaming free, Very Dark Man said that Nigerian celebrities are scared of speaking out about gay activities because of the fear of losing their chance at getting an American visa. He also accused them of pimping their underage kids to gay men in exchange for favors.

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