“Bobrisky Is A Fool & An Idiot” Bisi Alimi Lambasts Bobrisky Following His Reaction To Mass Arrests Involving Gay Couples 

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Human rights activist Bisi Alimi has shown his disdain for Bobrisky following comments he made about the gay community.

Bobrisky’s comment apparently infuriated Bisi Alimi, who is married to a gay Caucasian man, and he slammed the crossdresser.

He called him derogatory names and said he had no right to give an opinion on gay-related issues.

Bisi wrote, “I don’t intend to say anything about the situation in Warri, but I have one thing to say and it is one simple thing, Bobrisky is a fool and an idiot.

I blame the people that make this sorry case of human important. She belongs in the gutter and not one to have opinion about issues.”

In a viral video, a large group of reportedly gay people are seen dancing in a hall that insiders claim was meant for their weddings.

The Delta police have since accosted and arrested them, and while there have been massive reactions on the web over the arrest, Bobrisky also came out to share his piece on it, stating that those who were arrested deserved it.

Y’all deserve it.” Bobrisky reacts to a viral video of a mass gay wedding in Delta State

Recall that earlier this morning, Africanglitz reported that Bobrisky had expressed his view on the viral mass wedding.

He had taken to his Instagram story to address the video after being tagged multiple times by saying,

“You see dis class is not actually meant for everyone. But i strongly believe you can learn from those Alist. Firstly, there’s a law passed against you guys that you can’t marry urself in dis country why d hell did you all call urself together to organize a wedding? That’s d dumbest news have read dis week. You all deserve how you all were treated sad truth. If you feel you are in love with ur partner and you want to be together why not relocate to where you are welcome”

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