“This Class Is Not For Everyone; You All Deserve How You Were Treated” Bobrisky Weighs In On A Mass Arrest Involving Gay Couples In Delta State

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Nigerian crossdresser Bobrisky has weighed in on the mass arrest of alleged homosexuals at a gay wedding in Delta State.

It was reported that the Delta State Police Command had announced that it had arrested over 100 gay suspects carrying out a gay wedding ceremony at a hotel in the state.

It is no longer news that an anti-gay law was enacted by the former President, Good Luck Jonathan, stipulating a 14-year prison term for anyone convicted of having sex with members of the same sex.

The Nigerian government put the law to the test for the first time in December 2019 when 47 men arrested by the police in a hotel in Lagos the previous year were arraigned in court, accused of publicly displaying affection for members of the same sex.

Now, another 100 men have been arrested and paraded for holding a gay wedding.

Touching on it, Bobrisky rejoiced over the news as he noted how the law forbids homosexual relationships.

He questioned why the lovebirds didn’t relocate to another country, knowing fully well that Nigeria is against homosexual affairs.

Describing the news as the best news this week, he stated that they got what they deserved.

“Hey, guys!!! I want to quickly address those set of guys who were arrested in Delta. You see dis class is not actually meant for everyone. But I strongly believe you can learn from those Alist. Firstly, there’s a law passed against you guys that you can’t marry urself in dis country. Why d hell do you all call urself together to organize a wedding? That’s d best news have read dis week. You all deserve how you all were treated sad truth. If you feel you are in love with ur partner and you want to be together, why not relocate to where you are welcome?”.

Georgina Onuoha reacts to the mass arrest of gay people in Delta State

Meanwhile, actress Georgina Onuoha jumped to their defense as she blamed religious leaders for misleading their members.

She told the government to leave the LGBTQ community alone, seeing as they were not the cause of Nigeria’s problems.

I’m not afraid of court; I have done many surgeries that have turned me into a full woman, Bobrisky reveals

Recall that last year, after the House of Representatives made a move to ban cross-dressing in the country following a new bill proposed by a member of the house, Umar Muda, Bobrisky took to Instagram to brag.

Bobrisky clearly stated that he is now a full-blown woman and has so far undergone a lot of surgeries to confirm his claims.

The internet sensation said he is not scared of any court drama if the bill goes through.

bobrisky weighs in on a mass wedding involving gay couples in Delta state.

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