Buju BNXN Shows Remorse After Attacking Davido, Dremo Slams Him

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Fast-rising Nigerian singer Buju, now known as BNXN, has finally bowed to pressure and has tendered an apology to Davido.

Hours ago, Buju angered many after he took a dig at Davido while tackling his fan. Buju had taken to the X-platform to promote his new artist, and a troll had stated that his new artist was not very skilled, calling him mid.

Not pleased with his statement, Buju took out his anger on Davido as he lambasted the troll, calling him an idiot. Knowing fully well that the troll’s favorite artist was Davido, he indirectly stated that Davido wasn’t a great artist either and told him to FEM (which means shut up).

Following this, Davido not only unfollowed him but also deleted a tweet promoting their upcoming project. Buju, who was unbothered, took to X to defend himself, stating that no one could bully him and that he would still drop the song since he was the one who wrote it.

Not pleased with him Dremo Drizzy, one of the artists to music star Davido, had slammed Buju, stating that BNXN clearly knew what he was doing as there were different ways to defend his artist.

Calling the tweet disrespectful to Davido, he told him he couldn’t have been tweeting like that, knowing fully well that fans will blow things out of proportion, hence why he believes he did it on purpose.

Replying to him, Buju finally admitted that he was in the wrong and apologized to Davido.

“No yawa. I am sorry”, he tweeted.

At the time of reporting, Davido has yet to respond to him.

The whole beef is heartbreaking, as Davido had been a fan of Buju. When Buju bought his Benz, Davido was among the first people to publicly congratulate him.

The whole twist of the drama is that Buju is Burna Boy’s mentor, who is currently at loggerheads with Davido.

Just a few days ago, Burna Boy reacted to the viral video of him rocking his rival, Davido’s 30BG chain, before his rise to fame.

Recall that during his interview with Teju Babyface, Jaywon slammed Burna Boy for saying no one paved the way for him, as he reminded him of the time Davido gifted him a 30BG chain. Jaywon claimed that the chain was to inspire Burna Boy, and that was Davido’s contribution to his career, the same thing Burna Boy is now doing to Seyi Vibez.

Following the interview, Netizens dug out a throwback video of Burna Boy hanging out with Davido wearing what seemed like a Davido pendant, and Burna Boy responded, promising to address the audio chain and many more.

Last year, Davido reigned his beef with Burna Boy when he called him a new cat in an interview. This didn’t sit right with Burna Boy, who hasn’t hesitated to throw shots at him, even going as far as calling him a joke.

Burna threw another shade at him after a fan of Davido reminded him of how the singer helped him during his struggling days. Replying to him, Burna Boy stated that these are the lies Davido’s fans tell themselves to make them bold. He further stated that it is only online that they have mouths, as he called Davido a pussy.

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