Kunle Afolayan’s Relationship With Daughter Got People Worried

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    Social media went wild after Nollywood filmmaker Kunle Afolayan was captured dancing with his daughter, Eyiyemi Afolayan, at the premiere of his latest movie. In the viral video from the after-party, the filmmaker’s beautiful first daughter, a major cast in the Anikulapo Series, was spotted rocking a man who held her from behind. Initially, those who recognised Kunle Afolayan thought he just dancing with a random lady until they noticed it was his daughter. And just like that, the story changed.

    Netizens have been criticizing the father-daughter dance moves, with the majority arguing that such dances are only appropriate for lovers and not the kind of dance a father should engage with his child. On the other hand, some netizens disagree, explaining that it is an innocent dance and very normal among daughters who are loved at home and have a great relationship with their dads.

    Is this truly an innocent and appropriate dance between a father and daughter? How did the movie maker and his daughter explain themselves after the viral video?

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    Multi-talented filmmaker Kunle Afolayan is more than just another name in the Nigerian filmmaking industry. The 49-year-old alumnus of the New York Film Academy is the man who revolutionized Nollywood with quality movies. This is another way of saying that the film producer forced everyone else to step up their game.

    When Kunle Afolayan started his career as an actor in Tunde Kelani’s 1999 political drama, Saworoide was known as just the son of the legendary actor and filmmaker Adelove. But over the years, the actor has gone on to make a name for himself, thanks to blockbuster Nollywood movies such as The Figurine, Phone Swap, October 1, Citation, The CEO, A Naija Christmas, and now Aníkúlápó.

    Like anyone who is too good at what they do, Kunle Afolayan’s personal life has always been shrouded in the noise of his filmmaking prowess. But everyone now and then, the movie producer’s personal life makes the news, taking us back to 2019 when his marriage to his high school sweetheart, Tolu Afolayan, hit the rocks. For those who know their story, it was as if the couple were never destined together from the get-go. As far back as 2005, Tolu and Kunle welcomed a child out of wedlock, Eyiyemi and hit a stumbling block in their relationship. This would lead the star movie producer to father another child with another woman, Diekoloreoluwa. But in 2007, Tolu and Kunle reconciled again, leading them to tie the knot at an elaborate wedding ceremony on May 26 of the same year. Followed by a reception at a UNILAG hall.

    The ex-couple was later blessed with two additional beautiful children, Darimisire and Darasimi. Unfortunately, no matter how hard they tried, Tolu and Kunle could not sustain their beautiful family as things only got uglier between them. According to reports following their 2019 breakup, Tolu packed her bags and never looked back after she got tired of Kunle’s alleged infidelity. The filmmaker was reportedly so wayward that he was famous for chasing anything in a skirt, regardless of shape, size or colour. Even worse, Kunle Afolayan had no boundaries as he allegedly cheated with even married women and widows.

    Since the breakup of his 12-year marriage, the talented filmmaker who describes himself as a free-thinker has since moved. On social media, all we see is a doting father-of-4 who takes his responsibilities seriously. Besides spending quality time with his kids, Kunle Afolayan also pushes them to achieve their dreams, as we see in the way he supports his look-alike first son, Diekoloreoluwa, a fast-rising fashion model. Eyiyemi, his first daughter, also made her debut appearance as an actress in the first film of his movie series, Anikulapo, before she turned 18.

    Speaking about casting his daughter as Princess Omowummi in Anikulapo on October 19 2022, the founder of KAP Film & Television Academy explained that the role required somebody beautiful, and his daughter matches the character. The 49-year-old filmmaker added that Eyihemi is also a good singer, just as she is a natural at acting.

    Once again, Kunle Afolayan’s daughter graced the screen in the second film of the Anikulapo movie series. When the blockbuster premiered on February 25, 2024, at the Sheraton Hotel, Ikeje and Eyiyemi graced the star-studded occasion, looking radiant in this traditional Yoruba outfit. As you must have guessed, all was going well until this video of the talented movie producer dancing with his daughter in an unusual dance style sparked controversy online. Lashing out at father and daughter, many described their dance style as inappropriate because it has romantic undertones. In the same vein, people have been asking where Eyiyemi’s mother is when all this is going on in the full glare of the public.

    Some, however, insisted it’s an innocent dance between a father and daughter with a very good relationship. But perhaps they took it too far because they may have had too much to drink.

    One of the first to react is social media commentator Very Dark Man. The influencer condemned the dance style in a short clip, saying it’s too much for father and daughter.

    Also, reacting on Instagram, a user asked, “Sey this dance style no con dey too raunchy bayi. Anyways, they are cute, Sha.”

    One added, “Baba wey dey secure hin thing.. he no want to make other boys go dance with her baba oni baba.. they’re cute sha.”

    One wrote, “This life just get money. Anything you do will be right in the eye of the people.”

    One added, “Na una go do a movie for us to understand certain things in Yoruba culture, but una go do otherwise at the back of the camera. They can dance but There should be the limit. Happiness is free.”

    Another added, “I see people here giving excuses. There is no logical reason for you to dance with your daughter in this manner. It is wrong.”

    One wrote, “Omo, this is weird sha, what happened to facing each other and doing legwork.”

    One added, “This is too inappropriate; why is he rocking his daughter like that? And why is she grinding her daddy?.”

    Also, reaching X, a user asked, “Wait, real-life daughter or daughter in the movie? Because I don’t understand.”

    One user pointed out, “I don’t see anything wrong here, nothing but pure love between a father and a daughter. People saying Yoruba and kpanshing their daughters probably never had any relationship with their fathers.”

    One added, “It’s heartwarming to see the bond between Actor Kunle Afolayan and his daughter. Sometimes, people read too much into innocent moments of love and joy. Let’s appreciate the beautiful father-daughter connection without overanalyzing every gesture. Love and family come in many forms, and this is just one of them.”

    Another user wrote, “You can tell she is daddy’s girl. But e be like say dem carry the relationship go where we no know. Uncle Kunle Afolayan’s style of parenting needs to be studied sha.”

    Surprisingly, amidst all the criticism, both father and daughter appear unapologetic about their dance style, which has everyone so worked up. On her Instagram page after the movie premiere, Eyiyemi shared a photo collage from the event and in the caption, she wrote, “Had fun yesterday at the premiere of Anikulapo. Once again, well done, my love @Kunle Afolayan…”

    Her father was no different. While also sharing a photo collage from the event, Kunle Afolayan added Burna Boy and Phyno’s song, “Do I”, to the background, making it clear that he does not give an “F”. In the caption, he also added the lyrics of the song, “I am a King! I am a child of the highest! You can only try. Love surpasses everything. Do I look like …,” he wrote.

    Would you say it’s inappropriate? Or is it just an innocent dance between them?

     Do you think her mother would approve? Finally, what do you think of their reactions amidst the criticism?

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