Court Awards Ghanaian Actress Yvonne Nelson Wins N33m Defamation Case Against Socialite Mona Gucci

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Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson, has won a GHC500,000 (N33m) defamation case against presenter and socialite, Mona Gucci. The actress sued Mona Gucci over some allegations made by the latter, who tagged the actress a slay queen which did not go down well with her According to reports, despite the fact that Mona Gucci failed to show up in court, she owes the actress a huge sum of money and an apology.

An Accra High Court has awarded Yvonne Nelson GHC500,000 (N33m) in a defamation case against Mona Gucci for malicious statements she made about the award-winning actress on Accra-based, Neat FM. Mona who is a socialite and presenter was not in court when the judgement was passed.

The court presided over by Justice John Eugene Nyante Nyandu ordered Mona to pay GHC500,000 to Yvonne and also apologise for her defamatory publication about the celebrated actress.

Mona has also been restrained from making any more defamatory comments about the Princess Tyra actress.

In May 2020, Mona in an interview with Neat Fm, a subsidiary of the Despite Media Group named an extensive list of Ghanaian female media and social personalities and alluded to them the amorphous title “slay queen.” The “slay queen,” term according to her can be equated to a woman of loose morals, who under the cover of legitimacy engages in prostitution and other illicit activities for sustenance.

In the said interview Mona boldly mentioned Yvonne Nelson’s name among her list of people she referred to as slay queens. “Yvonne doesn’t show off, but she is a slay because you know the slay queen it entails a lot, we have both showing off and some contacts and people who we know that the things that you do and the lifestyle you exhibit, someone is paying for you behind the scenes,” she alleged.

The statement largely presented Yvonne as someone perverted in a character who engages in immoral and illicit activities.

When Yvonne’s counsel wrote to her to retract her malicious statement and apologise, she refused and rather went on a social media tirade spewing more disparaging comments. “YVONNE NELSON SAYS SHE’S SUING ME IN COURT SOMEONE SHOULD TELL HER I SAID SHE SHOULD F*CK OFF … YVONNE F*CK THE F*CK OFF!! AND DON’T DISGRACE YOURSELF!! … ” and subsequently, “F*CK OFF YVONNE, SHUT THE F*CK UP I won’t F*CKIN APOLOGIZE TO U SO HURRY UP AND LETS F*CKIN MEET IN COURT,” she wrote on social media. Yvonne then went ahead to take the matter up in court by suing her. But all the time the case was called, Mona never showed up in court.

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