Cristiano Ronaldo Takes Home 850,000 Pound Bonus And Extra 100,000 Pounds For Completing A Hat-Trick.

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Football Legend Cristiano Ronaldo of Manchester United waded his way scoring the 60th hat-trick in his career on Saturday, as he almost solely led Red Devils to a 3-2 victory over Norwich City at Old Trafford.

Ronaldo, who is 37 in age has now recorded 21 goals across all competitions for the Manchester United club, having earned a 750,000-pound bonus for reaching the 20-goal mark and an extra 100,000 pounds for completing a hat-trick.

From sources in England, from this point on, the 37-year-old Ronaldo will be earning an extra 100,000 pounds for every goal he scores until the end of the season. The red devils actually possess six games to go until the 2021/22 campaign is over for Ralf Rangnick‘s men, who have been knocked out from both the FA Cup and Champions League.

Ronaldo, who has managed 20 goals in each of his last 16 seasons, will bag around 2.75 million pounds in the event he scores another nine goals to reach the 30-goal mark.

The Portuguese National recent is expected to be Manchester United‘s top scorer by the end of the campaign and by acquiring this milestone he will take home one million pounds.

“I don’t think we need to speak about Ronaldo‘s performance today,” Rangnick said after the Norwich win.

“Another hat-trick, like the one he scored against Tottenham, made the difference, and at least two of them were not easy to score, the second and third.”

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s future

Despite being on top of the team’s map season, Christiano has been on the receiving end of criticism for Manchester United‘s poor performances and deliveries. His future is believed not be certain, as Erik ten Hag is expected to succeed Rangnick in the summer.

“Cristiano has got another year of contract,” Rangnick explained. This will be a decision for the new manager to take, together with the board.”

“Again, he showed against Tottenham and today’s game, that he can be the difference maker, in moments like this, in games like this, and it is no coincidence he has the best goal scoring record of all players in history. He showed that again today.”

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