Cynthia Morgan Lied: Singer Trolled Endlessly After Copy of Her Contract With Jude Okoye Surfaces Online

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Nigerians on social media has turned on dancehall singer Cynthia Morgan in a sudden twist of event after copies of her contract with Northside Entertainment which surfaced online revealed that the singer was not quite honest with her side of the story in the allegation against music executive, Jude ‘Engees’ Okoye.

Cynthia Morgan had led many to believe in a recent whistleblowing that she was not in control of her artistic image right under Jude Okoye’s Northside Entertainment prior to the contract issues that led to her controversial exist from the label.

The singer also purported that her stage name was taken away from her and that she lost everything she had worked to achieve, including her name, VEVO/social media accounts and royalties

However, currently trending on Twitter is the documents of the contract signed between Cynthia Morgan and Jude Okoye in 2013.

Details of the contract shows that contrary to Morgan’s claims, Mr. Jude was indeed generous in his offer as the two had agreed to split any proceeds made from her music into two equal halves. The documents also reveals that he signed as an ‘aid’ to Morgan and she had a high level of autonomy over her image right.

This comes after Jude Okoye in an Instalive interview with Tunde Ednut had denied all the allegations leveled against him by Cynthia Morgan who now goes by the name Madrina. The music mogul did admit that he took over her VEVO account, which he said was a means of recouping parts of the money (N40m) he had invested on her.

Nigerians on Twitter are now bashing out on the dancehall singer who had previously earned public support at the beginning of the saga.

See for yourself below:

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