‘Dear Little Me’ – A Book About ‘Adults Speaking To Their Younger Self’ Out Now

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ver wondered how you’ve gotten this far in Life? Ever wondered how you got to where you are right now? Ever considered the mistakes you made and all these successes, would it be achieved without the result of the hard work or as a result of toes you stepped on, opportunities you grabbed with both hands or that you didn’t grab that resulted into your failure?.

DEAR LITTLE ME is a brand new Anthology book of a unique story dimension that takes us back memory lane to advise ourselves and by extension as we do well to advise others; of pitfalls, they can avert, of the right directions they can take and people they can attract that will culminate into various degrees of results that will better their lives.

I’m sure that if we were to relieve our life again there are certain things we will not do and there are certain things we will do right or do in a certain way, different from how we have done it that has brought us this far in life and with the results we have.

The book is an interesting read an exposee to the vast resources in the minds of several writers with an array of experience with different variants of background and expertise in the creative sector, which they have all called out to be in this book and it has resulted into a success like never before it’s a must-read and it is shaping lives and futures even as it helps you reflect, relax and be happy.

For more enquiry, email mygoodnessent@gmail.com

DEAR LITTLE ME is available in hard and electronic copy via this link HERE

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