The Sad Life Of Annie Idibia & How She Is Paying An Expensive Price For Love, Marriage & Fame

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    For many celebrities, fame comes with a price. This is absolutely a fact with the majority of Nigerian celebrities. However, sadly for Annie Idibia, it looks like she has way too many prices to pay. The Nollywood actress and mother of two is still being hit hard in many other places than one can begin to count.

    Since the 37-year-old actress and model hit fame two decades ago, it’s no secret that life has been somewhat bitter-sweet for her. It’s been from one scandal to the other, to relationship and marital woes. This is also not forgetting the fashion police who constantly criticise her over her style. However, 2022 started on a good note for Annie, and it was every of her fan’s prayers that she finished the year with good news. In March, after she bagged a big Television deal with Netflix on Young, Famous, and African series, fans thought their prayers had been answered.

    Unfortunately, Nigerians woke up to Annie Idibia trending on the 31 of March after her elder brother, Wisdom Macaulay, called her out for being manipulative, shunning him in his trying times and owing him salaries for all the work he has been doing for her. As if that wasn’t enough, he accused Annie of being a drug addict and introduced him to hard drugs that are now ruining his life. While her husband, 2baba, has come out to defend her, his brother, Charly Idibia, has come out to say, “No matter how you take package shit, when the time reach, e must to smell.” Hmmm…. Annie Idibia is being attacked both left, right and centre. Is She paying the price for fame more than any other celebrity in Nigeria? #AnnieIdibia #AnnieIdibiaand2Baba #AnnieIdibiafamily #AnnieIdibiaMarriage

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