Does Facebook Accepts Verve Cards As Payment Options for Facebook and Instagram Ads ?

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Wondering if Facebook accepts verve cards as payment option for Facebook ads? Well, it does.

You can use verve debit cards to pay for Facebook ads and Instagram ads in Nigeria. Tested and confirmed!

In fact, I was able to use my First bank verve card to add money to Facebook ads manager yesterday and it was successful. See screenshot below.

add money to facebook ads manager

If your Facebook ads account is in Naira and it allows you to pay for Facebook ads using payu via the “local cards” payment method, then you should be able to use verve card for online payment of Facebook and Instagram ads in Nigeria.

local cards payment method for facebook ads

If you see the “local cards” payment method option in your Facebook ads manager as seen in the screenshot above, select it and click NEXT.

Enter the amount you want to add to your Facebook ads balance and follow the prompt.

When you get to the stage as seen in the screenshot below, enter your verve card details i.e card number, cardholder name and expiry date.

use verve cards to pay for facebook ads and instagram ads

The verve card CVV field will show up once you enter the card number. Enter it as seen at the back of your verve card and click the pay button.

Thereafter, you will be required to enter your OTP sent to your phone by your bank, to complete the transaction.

If successful, your Fb Ads account balance will be updated to reflect the amount added.

add balance to facebook ads manager

How To Identify Verve Card Number?

The verve card number is that long number on your verve card. My verve card number is 19 digits.

The cardholder name is the name on the bank account linked to the verve card.

The expiry date of the verve card is also at the front of the card.

Where Is The CVV On A Verve Card?

The last 3 digits at the back of the verve card.

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