Pastor ODUMEJE Shocking Lifestyle & Why He Was SHAMED Over Ada Jesus Sickness & Passing

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When it comes to naming controversial and questionable pastors in Nigeria, Odumeje comes to mind always. His ministry has been ridden with shocking allegations and controversies from day one, and just recently, his connection with ailing comedian Ada Jesus gave birth to yet another controversy.

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It all started in 2020 after the Imo-based comedian accused Odumeje of stage-managing miracles and having an affair with Rita Edochie. Odumeje may be a self-styled man of God, but that doesn’t change the fact that he is human. He got angry and cursed Ada Jesus. Before anyone could finish saying Jack Robinson, the comedian became bedridden and lost her speech ability due to a deteriorating kidney-related disease. Afraid for her life, Ada Jesus family took her to Odumeje’s Church to seek forgiveness in April of 2021, but Odumeje refused to forgive her, declaring that no one speaks ill against him and go scot-free. As if that wasn’t enough, Odumeje promised he would spiritually afflict her family, too, causing him to come under heavy criticism from Nigerians, especially Christians who likened him to a fake Christian pastor.

5 days later, Odumeje took a backtrack and finally forgave Ada Jesus, gifting her the sum of 1 million Naira. Sadly, Nigerians are displeased by his gesture and have called on him to prove he is not a fake pastor by healing the comedian. This begs the question. Who is Odumeje? Why are many Nigerians convinced he is a fake pastor? What is his real connection with Ada Jesus, and why did he forgive her after vowing not to initially?

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