Education: Google’s “Kids Space For Android Tablets” Help Kids Discover, Create, and Grow

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Google Kids Space,” is a committed kids mode on Android tablets that will generate apps, books and videos for kids to learn from. It’s preparing its debut on Lenovo’s new Tab M10 HD Gen 2, but Google aims to integrate Kids Space with other devices in time to come.

If an infant opens Kids Space, he will see a gallery of quality content. Kids can see recommendations for apps, games, books, and videos to find new ways to play and learn. For parents that need more flexibility beyond Kids Space recommended content, they can put more apps, games, and books from the Google Play store through the parents’ menu.

The Google Kids Space interface is colourful and interesting and appears easy to navigate. Kids can sort contents by topic — animals, princesses, cooking, vehicles, homework help, etc. and can swap between tabs labelled “Make,” “Play,” “Read,” and “Watch” in addition to the home screen. Infants can also generate their own character, customizing various characteristics including outfits and backpacks.

Parents will be able to use Google’s Family Link app to manage their children’s use of Kids Space. They can use the Family Link App on their Android or iOS devices to create Google accounts for their kids, manage Google Kids Space settings, manage child’s screen time, block and unblock apps, change YouTube Kids settings, and manage other Google services for their child’s Google Account.

With Google provisions, Books and video content are not yet accessible in all regions. Video content will depend on the availability of the YouTube Kids app. Book’s content requires the Google Play Books app. The Read, Watch, and Make tabs won’t appear in regions where content isn’t yet in.

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