Government Must Slowdown On External Borrowing – Senate President, Ahmad Lawan Says & Denies Claim Of Lawmakers Being Bribed To Pass The Petroleum Industry Bill(PIB)IB

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Senate President, Ahmed Lawan has stated the need to slowdown on external borrowings by the Nigerian government.

Senator Ahmed Lawan who had conversation with State House correspondents when he finished discussing with President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday August 23, said the federal, State and local governments should hurriedly look for lasting solutions to the menace of agencies that were not returning revenues to the Nigerian wallet.

He said;

We had meetings on some other governance problems that have to do with generating income in the country, especially for government at the federal and the state levels, and even local governments even more.
“There are so many agencies of government that are not remitting their internally generated revenues and this is something that we have to address and address as stiffly as possible and as quickly as possible because we need to find a way of reducing the borrowing that we do.
“So, if there are areas that we can now get revenues that will help us reduce the amount of borrowing, then so be it and this is something that we all agree with Mr. President that we should continue to look at those areas that we need to improve on revenue generation and collection.”

On the 2022 budget, Lawan said there are plans to make sufficient provisions for the security agencies and legacy projects like the second Niger Bridge, and the Abuja-Kaduna-Kano highway among others.

He added that the target is to ensure the completion of these projects by 2022 so that Mr. President could commission them for the benefit of Nigerians.

The senate President also denied claim of members of the National Assembly being induced with $10 million to pass the Petroleum Industry Bill 2021.

Lawan said;

“People say anything or everything about the President, about the administration, about members of National Assembly, they call us names and this is part of the intangible dividends of democracy.
“But we are determined to ensure that the space is wide open for everybody to say whatever he wants to say, but I will advise that don’t say things that are bad… Recently, somebody said $10 million was given to the Speaker and the Senate President to give to members of the National Assembly to pass 3% host community development fund. That is funny, but also very serious.
“I really want to take this opportunity to take exceptions to those kinds of unwarranted, unprovable, false and fake information being fed to the Nigerian public and the danger people will face with this is you cause unnecessary damage to the reputation of people.
“I had to take someone to court because of this kind of thing about three months ago, but Nigerians are better judges than anywhere else. So, the freedom of expression is there, probably more than anywhere in the world, but I want to caution that Nigerians should always think positive about their leaders and their administration and their governments and if they have issues they feel very strongly about, let them speak the truth and we are prepared to take corrections that we feel should be able to make us do better.”

The Senate President also expressed support for reintegration of repentant Boko Haram members to the society, stressing that there is need for proper profiling to ensure they are truly repentant and no longer pose a threat to the society.

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