Funke Akindele CRIES OUT Talks About What She Is Going Through In Nollywood Film Industry

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In a never-before-seen moment, Nollywood actress and filmmaker Funke Akindele broke down in tears during a live video after being called out by one of her late employee’s brothers for not offering assistance while she was still alive. Jumoke passed on April 6 2024, at the age of 40, over an undisclosed illness. While still alive, the actress was popular for her role as Esther in Jenifa’s Diary and Kelechi in Industreet, where she starred alongside Funke Akindele.

Unsurprisingly, the news of her death shocked many people, including the Omo Ghetto Star, so much so that she rushed to send her condolences to Jumoke’s family. Unfortunately, the late actress’s brother, Adeola, was displeased by the kind gesture. He immediately called out Funke Akindele, describing her as a hypocrite.

Adeola claimed to have contacted the award-winning filmmaker when his sister was ill, but he got no response. Now that his sister is no longer with them, she is pretending to care in front of others. Without hearing Funke Akindele’s side of the story, her antagonists and haters formed a band and dragged her everywhere. Usually, the single mother ignores negative comments.

She goes about her business, but this time around, she got all emotional after trolls involved her children, saying that she would lose them just like Jumoke’s family lost her. Funke jumped on an Instagram live, weeping profusely, begging that her kids be left out of this social media war.

This has now backfired on Jumoke’s brother, as people have also begun calling him out for having an entitlement mentality. Is Funke Akindele wrong for sending a public condolence to Jumoke’s family? Or is the late actress’s brother entitled? Well, sit back as we give you the whole story.

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