Gay Activist Bisi Alimi Drags Moses Bliss & His Signee, Neeja, Accuses Them Of Idolatry 

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    Gay rights activist Bisi Alimi has reacted to a trending video of upcoming gospel singer Neeja kneeling before his label boss, Moses Bliss.

    In the clip, the young singer was kneeling and receiving prayers from his senior colleague and boss.

    Expressing disgust over the video, Bisi stated that it was pure stupidity and idolatry.

    “This is nothing but pure stupidity and idolatry”.

    His statement didn’t sit well with netizens, who slammed him.

    One Official Ose007 wrote, “But you dey kneel dey collect doggy

    One Kosy Macho wrote, “You obviously don’t have mentors you look up to. If you do, you won’t even be a gay rights activist to start with

    One Filz Official wrote, “Allow people to honour who they want to honour

    One Meilure Beauty Clinic wrote, “But bowing to the Ooni of Ife or Oba of Benin wouldn’t be idolatry?

    One Ego Oyiboo wrote, “But when Isreal kneel for Davido, it’s loyalty

    One Owadelola wrote, “There is nothing in what they did. He was praying for him for grace and anointing. Elijah did the same to Elisa. So what’s idolatry here?

    One Kalizfx wrote, “That’s called respect. I see nothing wrong here

    One Light Beatz Classic wrote, “I literally did not see anything wrong in this video. It’s called impactation

    One Director H20 wrote, “The Bible said honour the man of God

    One Uyime Basii wrote, “What’s your own? Face your own identity”.

    Months ago, Bisi shared his thoughts on a report about Pope Francis allowing priests to bless same-sex marriages.

    He expressed his admiration for the priests as he highlighted the significance of Pope Francis supporting same-sex unions.

    Bisi questioned the opposing beliefs in Nigeria, wondering how individuals reconcile their views against same-sex relationships with the Pope’s acceptance of such unions.

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