“Go And Die Now, Don’t Do It Tomorrow” Suzanne Emma Shares A Troubling Voice Note From Emeka Ike To Their Son Michael Ike

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Suzanne Emma, Emeka Ike’s divorced wife, continues to cast the Nollywood actor in a negative light.

She reportedly leaked a voice note where he was heard threatening their son, Michael.

As the actor reopened old wounds with his ex-wife, a leaked voice note of him telling his son, Michael, to go and die has hit the online community.

In the voice note, the actor, who seemed to have been going through a frustrating time, raised his voice at his son, telling him to kill himself.

The actor stated that his son was one of his biggest stressors and major problems, and he expressed grief over how his son had been used to blackmail him.

Emeka recounted how he went through thick and thin to pay his son’s school fees, yet he was giving him a headache.

Clearly frustrated, he told his son to kill himself, as that would relieve him of a huge burden.

The leaked voice note comes hours after his son, in an interview with Chude Jideonwo, revealed that he once told his mother that he hated his family.

“Michael go and jump in front of a truck right now. Jump from where you are, break your head, and smash it, you’re my stress. You’re my problem, you’re the one I sent to school, I spent all my money. I didn’t have and was getting money to save you. You took my children to blackmailers and they are blackmailing me using you. And you’re telling me, it’s better you die. Go and die now, don’t do it tomorrow, I want to hear it. Idiot, you think I will let you blackmail me”.

His ex-wife, Suzanne Emma, also opened up about the ordeal she suffered at the hands of the actor, whom she claimed was physically assaulting her.

She said Emeka didn’t allow her to work, and she suffered financial abuse coupled with verbal, mental, and psychological abuse.

According to her, the actor stopped her modeling career when it peaked and deterred her from contesting for Miss Nigeria at that time.

Luckily for him, many netizens took to his defense as they noted how he was speaking from a place of frustration and hurt.

One King Ms tweeted, “This is just the voice of a frustrated man joor

One FM tweeted, “This man is going through a lot

One Stephen tweeted, “Wow!! Man is deeply frustrated

One Freak tweeted, “This man sounds frustrated and needs help. The wife wasn’t ready to help. Anyway, nobody loves a broken man. Emeka makes money again and sees her coming begging lol

One Thelma Ambrose wrote, “All I can hear is the voice of a man going through pains and frustration

One Tosin Juls wrote, “It seems the like kids were being weaponized to blackmail him. At some point, anger & frustration can make you say anything without thinking things through properly

One Ignatius Oparaocha wrote, “This is just a regular father’s anger nah. Emeka Ike is actually reacting out of pain and being disappointed. His ex-wife has brainwashed the son and sent him to manipulate his father”.

Emeka had reopened old wounds when he went on an interview with Rubbin Minds to recount how a false accusation of domestic violence from his ex-wife made him lose his properties and access to his kids.

In a later post, the actor recounted how he trained his wife at the university, built a house for her and her mother, changed her life, and gave her his cars to drive. Unfortunately, his wife repaid him in a bad way.

The movie star expressed how heartbroken he was to have loved a woman who didn’t love him.

Recall that in 2015, Suzanne Emma approached the court to dissolve their marriage, accusing her husband of physically and verbally abusing her throughout the marriage.

Since then, Emeka Ike’s life has never been the same, and he took a break from Nollywood, though he has since remarried.

Last year, Ike opened up about his split from his ex-wife, urging his followers on social media to ask their grandparents why their fathers died before their wives.

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