“You’re Destroying These Children, And When It Will Backfire” Actress Uche Ebere Drag Emeka Ike’s Ex-Wife Through The Mud For Letting Son Disparage Father In Public

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Uche Ebere, the Nollywood veteran, unleashed a relentless critique on Suzanne Emma, Emeka Ike’s ex-wife, for involving her son in an interview to speak negatively about his father.

In a sit-down with Chude, Suzanne, accompanied by her son, had earlier shared her side of the story, revealing distressing details about the abusive nature of her marriage to Emeka Ike. She alleged instances of physical abuse during the discussion.

Michael, his son, recounts the harsh things allegedly said to him by his father amid their strained relationship.

In response, Uche Ebere condemned Suzanne for entangling her son in the ongoing dispute with her ex-husband.

She vehemently expressed her disapproval of Emeka Ike’s ex-wife airing their private issues in public, raising concerns about the potential harm it could cause to their children.

She wrote; “You’re really a bad mother for bringing your son out for interviewing, to prove what exactly, hmmm, see how you all are washing your dirty clothes in the public, tufiakwa you’re destroying these children and when it will backfire, it will deadly but God forbid🙏 and the little champ really needs wisdom, and prayers cos he’s gonna be a father too, don’t use your hand to bring curse on your life and future🙏 omu nkwu ga emesi fu ife igu nkwu fulu”

Emeka Ike’s son had earlier opened up about his parents messy separation and divorce. He spoke about his father’s behavior towards him in an interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo.

Michael said his father had threatened him several times. A shared voice note of one of the threats was leaked.

In the recording, Ike was shouting at the top of his voice that his son should go and jump in front of a truck and kill himself.

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