“Have You Ever Paid For House Rent In Your Entire Life?” – Annie Idibia Flares As Brother Drags Him On Social Media [VIDEO]

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    Annie Idibia, the Nollywood actress, and Wisdom Macaulay, her elder brother, are at odds with each other.

    Wisdom put out a video on Wednesday where he made some allegations against Annie while disowning her as a sister.

    He claimed Annie introduced him to hard drugs, enslaved him, and refused to pay him when he worked for her.

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    “Have You Ever Paid For House Rent In Your Entire Life? Have You Ever Paid For Your Children’s School Fees Since They Were Born?”-Annie Idibia blast-baptized her elder brother, after he called her out on social media, for not taking GOOD CARE OF HIM AND HIS FAMILY!! 😩👀

    According to reports, #AnnieIdibia’s brother was allegedly paid to call his sister out on social media, and he got people talking about his crook character.

    Meanwhile, Annie and her husband #TuFaceIdibia has reacted to the viral video of Annie’s elder brother accusing Annie of maltreating him badly, and also introducing him to hard drugs, which got Nigerians thinking-out-loud!

    (SWIPE To 9th Slide) We still can’t get our eyes off that moment when #Annie’s second brother, almost burst out to laughter, approximately six month ago, when he was allegedly paid to blast and call his sister out on #socialMedia.

    (SWIPE To Last Slide) -“…Sometimes Ome Family Is Your Worst Enemy..”- SEE #2Baba’s last message to his wife’s brother.

    According to Annie on IG, she accused her brother of being irresponsible.

    She said their rift started after she refused to make him her manager, as she wasn’t comfortable with that.

    Annie claimed that she has been responsible for the upkeep of her brother, his wife, and three kids.

    The actress also alleged that her brother had threatened to kill himself for petty reasons several times.

    She urged him to stop feeling entitled to her money and leave the Idibia family alone.

    “Since we grew up, have you ever paid rent your entire life? You live in a 3 bedroom flat fully furnished with everything you need. You have 3 kids. Have you ever paid their school fees since they were born?” she asked.

    “You’re way too irresponsible because I don’t have the heart to watch your kids go hungry. Keep blackmailing me that you will kill yourself. Why do you want to destroy this Lil career I worked so hard to make?

    “I said you can’t be my manager. I have so many voice notes from your wife. I won’t disgrace you and put it out.”

    The new dispute comes just after Annie’s marital crisis with 2baba, her musician husband, was finally settled.

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