How Superwoman Korra Obidi Defied Nature & Made Pregnancy & Child Birth Look Easy

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A superwoman is not only a Marvel female character rocking heels, full-body armour and saving the world. It could also be a Korra Obidi defying nature and giving birth like what they call a proper Hebrew woman. The 27-year-old Nigerian multi-talented dancer based in Los Angeles made fame in 2019 after her bold attempt to change people’s perception of motherhood by proving that just because one is having a baby does not mean they should stop doing what they love.

In the case of Korra, a Nigerian princess born into a royal home in Delta state, she auditioned for the America Dance Show, “So You Think You Can Dance’ when she was eight months pregnant and ended up wowing both the audience and judges with her energetic belly and split dance. Surprisingly, that was how she continued dancing daily until the arrival of her first child, June Dean via a purely natural birth delivery. More interesting, on March 1st 2022, the brown-skin beauty brought a brand new meaning to the term “Super Woman” when she welcomed her second child, Athena, after dancing energetically all through the pregnancy.

She later shared a video of the unmedicated natural water birth delivery in their home, with her husband and 2-year-old daughter helping out. All her 1.2 million fans remember from her pregnancy journey is how she made it all look like a piece of cake. Two days later, this woman’s tummy was flat as a pancake, and she was back to dancing as if she hasn’t gone through a life-transforming situation. Who is Korra Obidi? Has she brought a new meaning to pregnancy journey and motherhood? #KorraObidi #KorraObidiPregnancy #KorraObidilifestyle

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