“I Carelessly Failed My Own Marriage” – Actress Caroline Danjuma

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Veteran actress, Caroline (Hutchings) Danjuma, has disclosed the brain behind her failed marriage for the first time since her separation from her ex-husband, Musa Danjuma.

Caroline, on IG, had blamed herself for not making a perfect marriage and she only realized she was not a failure when she started to heal. She insisted she was actually careless. According to her, she dealt with the hurtful words and constant mockery from friends and strangers who did not know what truly happened to her marriage.

She wrote,

“I blamed myself for not making a perfect marriage, I blamed myself for both faults of ours until I started healing then I knew I was not a failure”.

“I prayed to God for assistance most importantly to forgive myself and him. Rather than hate the outcome of what was, I chose love and peace of mind for what is.

“We both ain’t perfect and that is what makes us human”.

“I dealt with the hurtful words from friends and strangers, the stigma and constant mockery without knowledge of what truly happened”.

“God whispered, I am with you and that was it. My journey to finding me began and I never looked back. I came, I saw, I conquered ☺️, most importantly I have found my lost identity. Healed, restored, unprovoked, loving and blessed” ..#howcarolynagothergrooveback💋

“Thanks to @lanreolusola who spoke through the words in the Bible to help me find my way. Some of us are better off as friends than lovers”.

“It is ok to see a professional counsellor, you ain’t mad you just need clarification. It is ok to fail and rise again. Let God lead you. No hate but love always. Accept your faults forgive the other and move on in peace “❤️❤️.

“This is my first time talking about my divorce, not an easy journey, most times very painful moments especially if you are a perfectionist and kids are involved. Kill the hate it will only ruin you”.

“If you are wondering how you will pick up financially trust me you will, just stay focused and determined. Love without regrets” 💋.

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