“I’ll Force The Truth Out Of You” Verydarkman Tackles Mohbad’s Wife Following Her Recent Statement

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Following Mohbad’s wife, Wunmi’s, recent announcement, activist Verydarkman screams once more on social media.

Recall that in a chat published by actress Iyabo Ojo, Mohbad’s wife has declared her resolve to remain mute over the circumstances behind her husband’s untimely passing until November 7, when the coroner inquest is set to take place.

This choice, she said, arises from her wish to prevent any potential distractions that would interfere with her late husband’s pursuit of justice.

The bereaved widow stated her desire for justice to be served and expressed faith in the Nigerian government to make this a reality.

Furthermore, the statement hinted at the importance of performing a DNA test on her son, Liam.

In response, Verydarkman quickly clarified his viewpoint in a video, claiming that those who spread the story about a DNA test were lying.

He also chastised Wunmi for stating that she had decided not to speak until November 7. According to Verydarkman, Wunmi and her gang were the ones who made the case of Mohbad’s death demanding and tough from the beginning by attempting to blame Mohbad’s death on Naira Marley, Sam Larry, and others.

He also stated that Wunmi should continue to address the public until justice is done, as she did immediately after Mohbad’s death.

Verydarkman stated once more that he would force the truth out of Wunmi and her gang.

Watch the video below:
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