Is an Igbo President Actually what Nigerians Need Now?

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The whole world understands that the race to replace the soon-outgoing president of the most populous black nation has since started. For a nation that was pronounced the “Poverty Capital of the World” under the current administration, it’s only proper that its citizens make the right decision in the forthcoming polls.

Will things ever get better than it already is?

To get a positive response to this question, the ideologies and actions of the incoming president will have to be weighed.

The initial penchant for making outrageous promises has resumed in several campaign headquarters, and of course – as seen several times – fulfilling them is usually a problem.

The Igbo tribe has been unfortunate in the nation’s politics, and this makes most South-Easterners believe that once a chance is given to an Igbo leader, the nation’s rapid progress will be experienced

The point is somewhat valid until an Igbo person fails after being given an opportunity.

But who are the Igbos who have declared interest to do this job of saving a confused country?

There is Rochas Okorocha who is a senator representing Imo West.  

The former governor of Imo State declared his intentions a few days ago in a press conference in Abuja. In his laughter-generating speech which has been trending online, he said these words:

“Please permit to be your pilot for a new Nigeria, as your pilot there might be small turbulence, no problem, captain Rochas is in command.”

Then, you ask the question, “what did he achieve while in the seat as a governor?”

There is also a declared interest by Peter Obi, who ran as a Vice-President in the last election. He was once the governor of Anambra State.

The same question about his deeds while in power should also surface.

There is Orji Uzor Kalu who was once occupying the seat of the Abia State Governor. What did he do while in power?

The list goes on and on, with the possibility of more persons indicating interest to run.

I believe the portfolios of every individual indicating interest, should be put to proper scrutiny – the trials of Nigerians have gone beyond consideration for the tribe.

Recently, I was amazed by the statements of the immediate past president of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria, Sam Ohuabunwa. Apparently, he has made known his ambition to contest in the 2023 presidential election.  He made it obvious that his decision wasn’t motivated by the clamour for a president of Igbo extraction.

His ambition, according to him, is motivated by his competence, while adding that he’s very ready to be an opponent to the best in the country.

The general public was presented with this, during an interview with Arise TV.

In his exact words:

 “I haven’t come because I feel I am Igbo. I have come because I’m a competent Nigerian who has lived in this nation and who has had the privilege of enjoying a good nation. But I see that the country that we are leaving behind for our children is not the country our parents left behind for us. So, we need to change the narrative.”

I consider his resolve to be the proper thing we’re meant to occupy our minds with – competence! The nation is decaying, and all we simply need is someone whom we’ll look at and say this:

“He saved Nigeria!”

I believe we should be more concerned about this than we are about the tribe.

The clamour for who will deliver Nigeria, regardless of tribe, is actually what we need now.

Written by: Edward Amah

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