Is Pero (Tuface’s Baby Mama) more mature than Annie Idibia like people are meant to believe on social media?

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Make no mistakes; for some of us, the Tuface Idibia’s baby mama has never been any close maturity throughout the whole Saga with Annie Idibia.

The attributes of maturity go beyond being sly, devious, and not knowing when to say “No,” if Tuface is actually the one that comes running back to her. The wife of the ‘African Queen’ crooner raised an alarm some months ago regarding her observations and feelings, that her husband could still be having something to do with his former girlfriend, who happens to be the mother of three of his children.

Annie’s assumption of him possibly sleeping with his Baby mama while visiting his kids abroad, has been termed immature by a cross-section of observers on social media platforms. People do not put into picture that she seems like someone who has been enduring the pain for some time now and only had to speak out recently.

Have we also considered the fact that the siblings of the singer have always made it known that they preferred him marrying Pero, instead of Annie? 

In a recent TV program called ‘Young Rich and Famous’ which has featured the couple, Annie in her periodic emotional outbursts, seems to be revealing certain aspects of their relationship life – which seems to be the aim of the Netflix Original Series.

Her revelations have got certain people feeling that she’s obviously worked up by Pero, thereby making her immature. Who wouldn’t be worried if her husband appears not to be faithful? How strong can one be when it comes to accepting a fact that a greater number of people from your husband’s family, appear to want him in Marital Bliss with his ex-girlfriend?

Tuface had kids with Pero but didn’t get married to her, because he was in love with Annie.

Isn’t this enough to make people understand that the neglected one has not been mature enough to accept that he chose another? If my girlfriend abandons me for another man, I would be stupid to be allowing her to return to me at intervals. Of what value was I to her in the first place? As a sincere mind, I would want to know why she preferred him to me.

I would be a coward to occasionally allow her into my bed after getting married to another.

Pero would be a coward to allow Tuface into her bed after neglecting her for another. It’s true we haven’t been presented with any evidence that shows Tuface being caught in the act, but there are possibilities that Annie isn’t crying wolf.

Isn’t Pero a miserable human by making some posts, which Nigerians easily read as something directed towards Annie?

For heaven’s sake, it’s obvious Pero is enjoying the fun of sharing him with her. I doubt if she has moved on with her life the way Tuface ‘s other Baby mama has. 

So, it’s ridiculous seeing Pero as more mature than Annie, simply because she’s being quietly devious in the whole drama. 

Written by: Edward Amah

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