“Is That How Much Of A Threat I Am To Your Evil Devilish Kingdom?” Harrysong Vows To Expose Individual For Bewitching His World

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Nigerian singer Harrysong has threatened to expose an unidentified person for tearing down his world.

In his Instagram story, he claimed that a certain person played him and forced herself into his peaceful, beautiful, and blessed world with her juju, charm, and witchcraft, only for her to tear it down.

He questioned how much of a threat he is to their devilish kingdom as he threatened to expose her, stating that the world deserves to know the truth.

“You played me, forced yourself into my peaceful, beautifully and blessed world with your juju, charm and witchcrafty, only to tear it down.

Is that how much of a threat I am to your evil devilish kingdom? Jesus Christ. The world deserve to know the truth about you. I’ll expose you”.

Many believed the singer’s post was directed at his estranged wife. Recall that Harrysong tied the knot with Alexer in March 2022.

The couple shares two daughters, Daviva, who was born in 2021, and Purity, who was born in December 2022.

Early this year, the couple’s marriage hit the rock after a leaked chat exposed their marital crisis, revealing how Harrysong threatened to stop taking care of his wife if she failed to abort her pregnancy and informed her that he wouldn’t be responsible for the child since his wife had abandoned his grandmother.

Things got heated between the two and his wife. Alexer had questioned if the girls they were pimping to him were better than her, and surprisingly, the singer stated that they were better than her as he went on to compliment his side chicks.

After the news broke of his alleged marital crisis, Harrysong came clean about it, as he admitted that it’s a challenging time for the couple and appealed to the public to respect their privacy and to be understandable.

Opening up about their marital crisis in an interview, Alexer revealed how the singer told her he married her out of pity.

She claimed that he repeatedly cheated on her, and she had treated several infections while with him because of his infidelity. Alexer further alleged that Harrysong was also assaulting her.

Sadly, in March, Alexer announced the loss of her pregnancy in an Instagram post where she expressed how heartbroken she was that her little one had to go through it.

She revealed that she was in so much pain as she spoke out to God, expressing how tired she was.

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